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From the Stacks: “Burning Question”

Meet China's Tony Robbins

The predatory gospel of China's most popular motivational speaker.Christopher Beam

Rank Obsession: The Most Shameless Secret Tapers

T.A. Frank

Facebook Could Decide an Election Without Anyone Ever Finding Out

"Digital gerrymandering" represents a frightening future. Here's how to prevent it.Jonathan Zittrain

Tim Geithner: More Banker Than the Bankers

In the NYT, Geithner unintentionally gives it away: He's accepted the financialization of the economy as a plus—and it colors his every utterance as he promotes his book.Noam Scheiber

Superpowers Don't Get to Retire

What our tired country still owes the world.Robert Kagan

The Congressional Black Caucus Is at War With Itself Over Wall Street

Has "the conscience of Congress" sold out to the Big Banks? That's what some members fear.Zach Carter and Ryan Grim

Why There Is No Such Thing as a Bad World Cup

A philosopher's theory of soccer fandomSimon Critchley

Slavery, Sex and the Roots of Brazil's Transcendent Style of Soccer

Brazil's fraught racial and sexual history with soccer—and my family's fraught history with Brazil.Franklin Foer

Eleven Writers and Intellectuals on the World Cup's Most Compelling Characters

Karl Ove Knausgaard, Aleksandar Hemon, Joseph O'Neill, and eight other soccer-loving writers plumb the tournaments most compelling characters.Joseph O'Neill, David Winner, Aleksandar Hemon, Karl Ove Knausgaard, Alex Bellos, Jess Walter, Rabih Alameddine, Tom Rachman, Laurent Dubois, Geoff Dyer, and Supriya Nair

Gandhi Was a Crank Before He Was a Saint

Gandhi may have been non-violent, but he could hurt people nonetheless.Maya Jasanoff

We Need a Strong Prison System

The American prison system isn't getting results. Richard A. Posner

When French Irrationality Was Deadly

France was the seat of the Enlightenment and intellectual order. Perhaps this made its writers fall in love with disorder.David A. Bell

The House of the Devil

The Art World Has Stopped Distinguishing Between Greatness and Fraudulence

And it's making a lot of money for the frauds. But it's costing us.Jed Perl

Norman Mailer's Hollywood: Antiquated, Perverse, and Much like Ours

It drove the powerful as crazy as the powerless. And it hasn't changed.David Thomson

Today Only

Obama, the Shoah, and Syria

If the president is not prepared to “do something now and quickly,” then he should stifle himself.Leon Wieseltier

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