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March 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton Is Not Ready for Prime Time

Democrats desperately need Elizabeth Warren to run.

March 3, 2015

Immortal Beloved

Why writers want fans who last forever.

Why the Supreme Court Will Rule in Favor of Obamacare

It comes down to two warring conservative impulses.


An abridged list of operations.

The Secretary General in His Labyrinth

When Ban Ki-moon was a child, the United Nations saved his village from a war. Can he save the U.N. from irrelevance?

Another Police Killing, Another Twitter Hashtag. But #HomelessLivesMatter Isn't Enough.

A video shows LAPD killed an unarmed homeless man on Skid Row.

Study: Traffic Pollution Is Bad for Kids' Brains

At least they'll still be street-smart.

Climate Denier James Inhofe Is a Godsend to Democrats in 2016

His snowball antics can only help Democrats retain the White House.

March 2, 2015

Speech Acts

A poem.

Phantom of the Orchestra

Mamoru Samuragochi’s story hit all the right notes: a deaf genius whose music inspired a nation. But the “Japanese Beethoven” wasn’t who he seemed.

Let’s Really Be Friends

A defense of online intimacy.

Workers of the Word Unite

On language and class at the copy desk.

In Praise of Meaningless Work

Mindfulness mantras are the latest tool of corporate control. 

Will Free Agency Destroy Major League Soccer?

If the NFL, MLB, and NBA are any indication, the answer is no.

Why Isn't the Oil Industry Worried About Hillary Clinton?

They're more worried about her campaign chair, it seems.  

Planes, Frames and Automobiles

The latest entry in a genre of photography in which actual events look like special effects from movies. 

What Boris Nemtsov's Assassination Says About Putin's Climate of Fear

In Russia, publicly opposing Putin is still incredibly dangerous. 

Faith-Healer Parents Who Let Their Child Die Should Go to Jail

And yet, most U.S. states have exemptions for parents who withhold medical care on religious grounds.

The Most Important Decision the FCC Made Last Week Wasn't on Net Neutrality

Chattanooga, Tennessee's internet is faster and cheaper than yours—and will remain that way.

What Leonard Nimoy Meant to My Nerdy Mother in 1970s Texas

Star Trek and Leonard Nimoy's Spock made all of us a little more human.

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