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July 28, 2014

Can World of Warcraft Save Higher Education?

Is World of Warcraft really the key to keeping students interested?

Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Haunting in His Last Major Role

'A Most Wanted Man' showcases the actor's uncompromising talent.

In Defense of Public Libraries

The importance of public libraries can't be exaggerated.

Inflation Hawks Have Been Wrong for Years. Should We Listen to Them Now?

Richard Fisher's track record of predictions is paltry.

In France, It Really Matters What Politicians Wear. Even Men.

François Hollande is just the country's latest fashion victim.

I'm a Laborer's Son. I Went to Yale. I Am Not "Trapped in a Bubble of Privilege."

The New Republic's Ivy League takedown ignored financial-aid students.

Dr. Strangelove Explains Why the Obamacare Lawsuits Make No Sense

If you're trying to make a threat, usually you tell somebody about it.

Europe's Fears About Sanctioning Russia Are Overblown

“Russia’s economy would collapse faster and quicker.”

Here's One Reason We Need Immigrants

Without them, the population of children in this country would be shrinking

July 27, 2014

Science Is Changing What It Means to Be Dead

If you could freeze yourself until a future age, are you sure you'd want to?

Why Plane Disasters Won’t Make People Afraid of Flying

You'll forget about them in four to six months.

A Book By Jimmy Carter Led Me to Work for Richard Branson

'Talking Peace' provided a perspective on leadership as a combination of stubbornness, a moral compass, and an appetite for risk.


July 26, 2014

How Ravers Became the New Flower Children

How EDM became the feel-good music of a new generation.

July 25, 2014

Don’t Read This Book: A History of Literary Censorship

Three new works concerned with banned literature, from Joyce to Rushdie.

Obama Understands the Border Crisis Better Than Rick Perry. His Child-Migrant Plan Proves It.

A humanitarian crisis demands a humanitarian response—not more guns on the border.

Men Can Be Just as "Maternal" As Women, According to Neuroscience

Brain research shows that fathers who are secondary to a female caregiver are more engaged as thinkers and planners. But men raising a child without a female partner were found to have the same level of emotional response as a mother.

Bored With Hollywood Blockbusters? Blame Digital Piracy.

Arguments for digital piracy are drivel.

Why Did 1,000 People Watch Right-Wing D.C. Interns Debate Each Other?

A dispatch from the Cato Institute's "Libertarianism vs. Conservatism."

The Original Manuscripts of Two of the World's Most Famous Poems

A fascinating little note may change what you thought you knew about Coleridge. 

Jonathan Gruber: 'It Was Just a Mistake'

In 2012, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber said the same thing the law's critics now allege in a lawsuit. What gives? "I misspoke," he says.

Remarkable Photos of Toys Set Up To Mimic Real-Life War and Violence

Children describe the horror they see, and this photographer recreates it—with toys. Astonishing. 

Who Is the Real Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan's new antipoverty agenda is inconsistent with his budget.

Arkansas Republicans Just Proved Why Obamacare Will Survive Despite This Week's Absurd Court Decision

We now have a real-world example of how quickly Republicans will cave if the Supreme Court torpedoes Obamacare.

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