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July 28, 2015

Intersection Episode 1: ‘Intersectionality, and Queering Marriage’

In Intersection’s first episode, Alexander Chee and Linda Villarosa talk marriage equality, Kimberle Crenshaw explains the origins of intersectionality, and a surprise guest talks about growing up in a queer family.

This Teenage Duo Could Be the Future of Music—for Better and Worse

Independent musicians Jack & Jack topped Taylor Swift and Rihanna on iTunes last week. That's a reason to celebrate, and worry.

Building a Kinder, Gentler Deportation Machine

Obama wants to fix his immigration policy, but Republicans might make it worse.

July 27, 2015

A Passion for the Void

Understanding Clarice Lispector’s strange and surreal fiction.

Caitlyn Jenner’s New TV Show Is Too Sincere for Its Own Good

Caitlyn Jenner wants to use her massive platform for good. Where does that leave her reality show?

Why I’m Not Watching the David Foster Wallace Movie: He Taught Me Not To

He was addicted to entertainment but thought it caused “a sort of emptiness.”

Would Republicans Support the Americans with Disabilities Act Today?

The law passed at a time when Republicans weren’t unanimously opposed to using federal power in service of the common good.

Hillary Clinton's Climate-Change Plan Is Anything But Comprehensive

She hasn't answered any of the most controversial questions yet.

Ted Cruz Isn't Wrong to Call Watchmen's Rorschach a Hero

The character is the moral center of the comics book, rather than a satire of right-wing superheroes.

July 26, 2015

Bobby Jindal’s Opiate for the Masses

The Louisiana governor made prayer his first priority after the Lafayette shooting. That’s not nearly enough.

Conservatives Are Holding a Conversation About Race

An ugly term—“cuckservative”—crystallizes a Republican Party crisis.

July 24, 2015

Is Worrying a Modernist Invention?

A new book delves into the history of this singular, overpowering emotion.

Bobby Jindal Enabled Louisiana's Gun Violence Problem

The governor has suspended his presidential campaign, but don't expect him to reverse his incredibly lax gun policies.

Why Are Vaccination Rates Dropping in America?

It has to do with the social contract. 

Right-Wingers' Solution to Movie Theater Shootings: More Guns

Gun-rights advocates are trotting out the same old tired, disproven argument.

Paid Leave This Week: Everywhere Is Better Than Here

Millenial women have no illusions about how hard it is to be a working mom in America.

Can Humanitarian Intervention Be Saved From Its Friends?

A new generation of Democrats have pushed the language of liberal interventionism underground.

Inside the Fight to End Trans Discrimination in the Military

Transgender soldiers can now serve openly in the military, just 5 years after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. How did it happen so fast? 

July 23, 2015

Police Have Too Much Power Over Motorists

Sandra Bland’s violent arrest shows why the law must change.

How Do You Make Sure Generous Paid Leave Doesn't Backfire on Women? Focus on Men.

The unintended consequences of too-generous paid leave policies. 

The American Actor May Be in Decline. Jake Gyllenhaal Is Most Certainly Not.

Gyllenhaal delivers another exceptional performance in ‘Southpaw’.

I Had the “Least Meaningful Job in America”—and I Loved It

Working as a parking lot attendant helped me become a better person.

Could "Insight Policing" Have Saved Sandra Bland?

A new police de-escalation strategy holds promise for defusing tense civilian-cop situations. 

Why Donald Trump Truly Terrifies Republicans

It’s not just the threat of a third-party challenge.

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