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September 22, 2014

Here's a Dirty Election Trick That Kansas Democrats Could Play on Pat Roberts

Confused Republicans could find themselves voting for Pat Roberts, Democrat.

The Horrible, Oppressive History of Book Burning in America

It's Banned Books Week. Read something dangerous.

Stressed Out? Your Smartphone Could Know Even Before You Do

Researchers at Dartmouth have developed a data-gathering app that can help predict a student's mental health.

The GOP's Jobs Bill Will Create Few Jobs, Plenty of Debt

Turns out, Republicans only care about the deficit in certain situations.

300,000 People Just Marched About Climate Change. Will It Matter?

There's lots of work to do. But Sunday's march in New York shows lots of people want action.

What to Expect from the Big Climate Summit

Lots of people are pessimistic, but don't write it off yet

September 21, 2014

Blockbuster Story Suggests the NFL's Failure Went Way Beyond the Commissioner

It makes the league look bad—and the Ravens front office look even worse

Guantánamo Bay Is Crumbling Into Ruins

But guards and prisoners aren't leaving any time soon.

Virgos Need Not Apply

The surprising—and sometimes scary—prominence of astrology in China.

Want to Be Happy? Stop Being So Cheap!

It's all about generosity. 

Hillary Clinton Borrows a Line From Elizabeth Warren

The likely 2016 nominee reveals who she's most worried about.

September 20, 2014

What If Counterfactuals Never Existed?

Studying history with hypotheticals.

September 19, 2014

America's Worst Republican Could Soon Lose His Office

Here's a list of every heinous thing he's done.

What Robert Burns Would Have Made of Scottish Independence

The poet helped forge Scotland's national identity.

We Shouldn't Forget Liberalism's Religious Roots

21st-century liberalism is a pale shadow of its 19th-century ancestor.

Ebola Is Spreading Way Faster Than Anyone Predicted

The current outbreak is off the charts.

The Killer Fog That United Labor and Environmentalists

It killed 20 people and completely changed environmental politics.

Paul Ryan May Have Found a Trick to Make His Tax Plan Add Up

He needs a secret sauce. Could this be it?

How to Scare a Republican About Climate Change

It's a concept conservatives should appreciate.

Finally, a Russian Jewish Novel Breaks Out of the Autobiographical Rut

New novel asks how the heroism of Soviet-era Jewish dissidents becomes a blueprint for political action for a new generation.

The Latest Political Plagiarism Scandal Defines Plagiarism Way, Way Down

Copying boilerplate without citation is plagiarism if you're a journalist. If you're a pol, it's part of the job.

After Scotland, The United Kingdom Has to Fundamentally Change

Unless there is major constitutional reform, there will be a second Scottish independence referendum very soon.

George Orwell Wrote One of the Most Incensed Takedowns of American Fashion Magazines

Even in the 1940s, he'd had enough of super skinny, unrealistic models. 

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