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September 16, 2014

Obama's Legal Basis for Bombing Iraq Keeps Shifting

Rather than waiting for Congressional approval, Obama is using outdated Bush-era legislation to fight the Islamic State.

George Orwell's Brilliant Guide to Writing Well

Step One: Eliminate every cliche from your vocabulary.

Putin Just Got Exactly What He Wanted in Eastern Ukraine

The Ukranian government is going to give separatist rebels self-rule.

Dinesh D'Souza Is Planning His Prison Memoir

Facing prison, the onetime heir to William F. Buckley reflects on how he turned himself from conservative intellectual into multi-platform provocateur.

Get Ready for More Obamacare Confusion

Ignore the fuss—Tuesday's government reports don't tell us much about how the program is doing

The New Republic Releases "Insurrections of the Mind: 100 Years of Politics and Culture in America"

The New Republic publishes "Insurrections of the Mind" to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

How (and How Not) to Break Up With a Roommate

It's the defining relationship of your twenties, or beyond. Until it's not. Lessons from a new rite of passage. 

September 15, 2014

The NFL Owes Domestic Violence Victims a Big, Fat Check

It wouldn't be charity. It would be restitution.

This Might be Obama's Last Chance to Do Something Major About Climate Change

A preview of what a world agreement could and couldn't do to contain global warming. 

Obama's ISIS Strategy Is Way More Coherent Than His Critics Claim

This has been building for quite a long time. 

What They Wore to the Grave: The Last Outfits of El Salvador's "Disappeared"

Haunting photos of clothes that have been dug up from anonymous graves.

The Dissolution of the U.K. Would Be a Bad Omen for the Rest of the World

If Britain cannot work out how to stay together, the portents for the 21st century are dark indeed.

'Energy Independence' Will Destroy the Planet

When are people going to wake up?

This Photo Explains the United States' Relationship with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabaia's existential struggle with Iran has drastic implications for fighting ISIS. 

Americans Have No Idea How Regressive Their State and Local Taxes Are

And both liberals and conservatives want them to be progressive. 

Obama's Scariest ISIS Comment Yet: 'I'm Not Going to Anticipate Failure'

If he’s not preparing for failure, then we shouldn’t be preparing for war.

You Should Absolutely, Positively Read the Canon in College

The ultimate essay in defense of the masterpieces we know and love.

Survey: Republicans Like Obamacare a Lot More if You Call It by a Different Name

The two charts show clearly what a difference the Obamacare label makes.

Hillary Clinton's Iffy First Trip to Iowa

She served comfort food, even by the standards of a steak fry.

September 14, 2014

Five Things We Can Do to Reduce Domestic Violence

It's time to do something. Here are five ideas that could really have an impact.

Feminism Has Conquered the Culture. Now Comes the Hard Part

Two female writers battle it out over that very question.

Engineers Created This Soft Pink Robot to Save You in a Fire

Watch this amazing two-foot-long fleshy-looking robot crawl around. 

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