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April 21, 2015

Why Are Climate Change Docs So Boring? Because It Works.

Climate change has all the raw ingredients of our most terrifying post-apocalyptic nightmares. So why are so many climate change films hit or miss?

The English Channel

Imperial nostalgia invades American television.

“Do You Understand That Your Baby Goes Away And Never Comes Back?”

Adoption is embraced in the Marshall Islands, but in the Ozarks, it means something very different. The tragic consequences of cultural misunderstanding.

Hillary Clinton Keeps Saying Exactly What the Left Wing Wants to Hear

Elizabeth Warren's fans don't have much to complain about.

"You Won’t Find Anything. It’s All Been Destroyed.”

Under Pol Pot's reign an entire culture was destroyed—never seen again, until now. 

Why Do We Love Batman But Hate Superman?

"Sure let's cheer on the billionaire as he beats down the poor farm guy who grew up feeling othered."

The Future of Binge TV Belongs to America's Oldest Sport

How the boys of summer are making sure you know winter is coming.

April 20, 2015

All Apologies

A new Kurt Cobain documentary reminds us of what could have been.

Gods and Profits

Two new books looks at the way the two became intertwined.

The Bot Bubble

How click farms have inflated social media currency.

Ben Affleck Was Wrong, But Henry Louis Gates Made It Worse

Helping Ben Affleck hide a family history of slavery is what's truly shameful.

Don Draper, Feminist

A perspective from a female ad exec.

The Trauma of Writing About Trauma

Writers detail the nightmares they get from reporting on war, racism, and rape.

What 'Felix and Meira' Gets Right About Leaving Hasidic Life

Feliz and Meira, a new movie about a love affair in the cloistered world of Hasidic Jews, shows how hard it is to choose freedom.

Obamacare Is More Popular Than It Seems—If You Discount These People's Opinions

Those who support repealing the Affordable Care Act reside disproportionately on the periphery of the law itself.

April 19, 2015

Object Lesson

Why we need physical books.

The Ghost of Cornel West

President Obama betrayed him. He’s stopped publishing new work. He’s alienated his closest friends and allies. What happened to America’s most exciting black scholar? 

Five Years After the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Is Offshore Drilling Any Safer?

The oil industry is painting a cheery narrative of the years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster to encourage the Obama administration to go even further in opening up the ocean for drilling.

Have Pollsters Become Too Powerful?

The scary tale of a poll that may have cost the United Kingdom $67 billion over the next decade.

April 17, 2015

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