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September 18, 2014

Why the U.S. Army Is Our Best Weapon Against Ebola Now

This could be the gamechanger we need.

Obamacare Critics Said Obama Was 'Cooking the Books.' New Data Shows He Wasn't.

And just like that, another attack on the law goes poof.

Beautiful Photos of What May Be the World's Next National Border

The Document Scotland project captures the nation on the eve of its momentous independence vote. 

Recently Rediscovered John Dos Passos Story, 'Vag'

A bizarre, forgotten little story. 

Too Many Americans Think Spanking Is an Acceptable Form of Discipline

The psychiatric profession agrees: it hurts children and isn't effective.

September 17, 2014

How to Reboot

There are several ways the government can make simpler and more accessible, and make up for last year's fiasco.  

This Diagram Could Hold the Key to Fixing Our Ailing Planet

It organizes and prioritizes everything we need to do to fix climate change. 

This TV Show Pays Homage To—And Utterly Ruins—The Fault in Our Stars

It tries to be Fault in Our Stars. It misses. By miles.

The Strategy That Might Have Beaten Mitch McConnell

Kentucky's Dem is trailing in the polls—but she might not be if she had used Obamacare to her advantage

What Ken Burns Doesn't Understand about the Roosevelts

It's so focused on the Roosevelts as people, it neglects their importance as public figures. 

Acting Against Climate Change Won't Cost As Much As You Think

A revealing chart from a major new climate change report.

The Brave Open Letter Graham Greene Wrote Defending Charlie Chaplin from McCarthy

The FBI wanted Chaplin out of the country because of his lefty politics.

The Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change Surgery

A chance discovery leads to one of the earliest known instances of the operation.

Obama Is Making a Dangerous Promise on Iraq That He May Not Be Able To Keep

Troops on the ground could happen. Obama should make that clear.

Remembering the Ceasefire

enjoyed being happy. I enjoyed...

Obama Can't Admit That Romney Was Right: Russia Is Our 'Top Geopolitical Threat'

Does Obama fully grasp Russia's role in the geopolitical order? 

The New Republic names Guy Vidra, General Manager of Yahoo News, as Chief Executive Officer

The New Republic today announced that it has appointed Guy Vidra as Chief Executive Officer effective October 13, 2014.

College Rankings Are Destroying Financial Aid

Low-income students are increasingly paying for policies that prioritize prestige over opportunity.

September 16, 2014

Does Corporal Punishment Really Cause Long-Term Damage? An Expert Weighs In

"If you’re leaving visible marks on your really crossed that line."

Rand Paul's Scattershot Foreign Policy Is Starting to Make Sense

Somehow, through all the flip flops, he's emerged with a coherent worldview. 

'Affirmative Consent' Is Bad for Women

On California campuses, every sexual encounter is now a potential crime.

How I Fell Out of Love with Space Tourism

Reinforced Biblical and Koranic beliefs are about the last thing we need from sending people into space...

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