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April 24, 2015

The Secret to James Harden's Greatness Is Hidden in His Beard

There is no other explanation for his unexpected brilliance on the court.

This Isn't the Same 'New Republic'

Responding to the question: Why, considering this magazine’s history of a white gaze and a white audience, did Dyson's essay appear in The New Republic?

All Black Lives Matter

Seeing the humanity of those I criticize is vital to every every claim I make under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Crimes Were Terrible, But Morality Has Nothing to Do With It

He didn't have any choice but to bomb the Boston Marathon.

Acting Without Thinking

The most effective protest movements have been enriched by debating ideas and strategy.

Let's Be Clear About What the Armenian Genocide Was—and Wasn't

Yes, it was a genocide. No, it was not caused by a holy war.

Bodies in Flux

In Maggie Nelson's latest book, 'The Argonauts', life explains theory.

April 23, 2015

Giving Up on Love

Vivian Gornick and the pursuit of an uncoupled life.

Invisible Atheists

The spread of disbelief in the Arab world.

America Will Never Move Beyond the Culture Wars

The culture wars have been institutionalized into the very fabric of American society.

The Man Who Recorded Walter Scott's Death Deserves to Be Paid

The risks are real, and protections are few. 

Ignore the Cynics: 2016 Is an Extremely Important, Exciting Election

This election isn't as boring as the worst journalism written about it.

Why the Constitution Trumps Any State's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Opponents of same-sex marriage are riding a very thin argument to the Supreme Court.

April 22, 2015

Fashion Failure

Making sense of the spectacular collapse of two of fashion’s best-known bad boys.

Fear in a Handful Of Dust

How climate change is making the Texas Panhandle, birthplace of the state’s iconic Longhorn, too hot and dry to raise beef.

Your Uber Driver Could Be Packing Heat, and You Wouldn't Know It

The company lets drivers carry guns. Lyft doesn't.

Stigma and Poverty Make HIV/AIDS Deadlier in the Deep South

Stigma and poverty drive poorer health outcomes, especially in the case of HIV/AIDS.

Sorry, Hillary. Your 2008 PUMA Die-Hards Aren't That Into You Anymore.

Some of her most virulent 2008 supporters are reluctant to get into bed with another Hillary campaign.

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