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November 25, 2014

This Is What Power Looks Like

The past few weeks have been a depressing lesson in how to get away with wrongdoing.

St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch Abused the Grand Jury Process

Neither critics of McCulloch nor his defenders have it right 

Emerging Deal Is Everything That's Wrong with Washington

Shame on Harry Reid for even thinking about it.

Striking Civil War Maps of the Territory Gains That Saved Lincoln's Presidency

How Lincoln used cartography to rub it in his opponents' noses. 

The FDA's New Calorie Labels Probably Won't Make Americans Any Thinner

Good in theory, not necessarily good in practice.

Rand Paul Wants to Prevent Another Ferguson by Scolding the Poor

Once again, a Republican targets single mothers.

Chuck Schumer Is Trash Talking Obamacare Again—And He's Still Not Making Any Sense

Chuck Schumer was always skeptical about health reform—and he was always wrong.

Don't Blame the Grand Jury for Not Indicting Darren Wilson. Blame the Law.

Want cops to be held accountable? Then change the law.

Pauline Kael’s Rousing, Visionary Review that Helped Bring the French New Wave to America

Her passionate, wild writing launched careers—including her own.

Where the Ferguson Process Went Wrong, and What It Might Have Gotten Right

The evidence is ambiguous, a conviction would have been nearly impossible to obtain. But there's a reason people in Ferguson distrust the legal process.

November 24, 2014

The St. Louis County Prosecutor Implicitly Conceded the Need for a Trial

The St. Louis County prosecutor implicitly conceded the need for a trial.

Darren Wilson Walks: No Indictment for Michael Brown’s Killer

Ferguson Grand Jury reaches its decision, and declines to indict the police officer in the killing of Michael Brown

'Duck Dynasty''s Success Is Entirely Based on Selling a Fantasy

Americans have remained uniquely enamored of the simple man who speaks homely truths and sees what his more sophisticated brethren cannot.

Where UVA Went Wrong: Students Need to See Rape as a Felony, Not Just a Campus Infraction

And universities have to make sure their students know that.

The Supreme Court Justices All Went to the Same Ivy League Schools. So What?

There's nothing scary about having "judicial thoroughbreds" for justices.

Andrew Cuomo Just Made a Huge Mistake by Playing Dumb on Climate Change

The Democratic governor must not be running for president after all.

"We Like Vampires Because We Hate Death"

Talking to the director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

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