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September 23, 2014

Spain Is Learning All the Wrong Lessons from Scotland's Referendum

Why the country should let Cataluña vote on independence.

The New Fairy Tale Is Trying to Escape Its Past

How fairytale re-tellings betray their origins.

A Person's Accent Can Change Your Perception of What He Is Saying

New research reveals just how much a French, or Chinese, or Chilean accent changes what you hear. 

For Obama, Cheerleading on Climate Change Is Easier Than Leading

Where were the plans for the future of our planet, Mr. President?

Chart: It's True, Congress Hates Working Before Midterm Elections

They're working more after the midterms—but it's not an even tradeoff.

The CDC Tripled Its Ebola Worst-Case Scenario in the Past Four Days

By January 20, 1.4 million people could be infected.

Greece's Neo-Nazi Politicians Are Awaiting Trial—and as Popular as Ever

But the party is still frighteningly popular. What is going on?

The Islamic State Is Spreading Into Pakistan

Pakistan is already in upheaval. And here comes ISIS.

Nabokov's Lolita Is Constantly Banned. It's Also a Work of Genius.

It's Banned Books Week. Read something dangerous. 

Half the World Wants to Tax Carbon. The Other Half Is the Problem.

A bunch of big countries just said they're ready to put a price on carbon. This is good news.

September 22, 2014

An Obama Economist Explains How to Help Working Moms

A Q-and-A with White House adviser Betsey Stevenson.

Peter Thiel Is a Closet Humanist

Even though he wants to keep kids out of college.

"We Live Like Rats Here"

"We live like rats here."

Hey, Chuck Todd: There's No Such Thing as 'Chick-fil-A Country' and 'Starbucks Nation'

The "Meet the Press" host's for American politics is one of the worst yet.

Republicans Think This Sexist New Ad Will Appeal to Female Voters

Because it's smug and treats women like silly little creatures. 

Here's a Dirty Election Trick That Kansas Democrats Could Play on Pat Roberts

Confused Republicans could find themselves voting for Pat Roberts, Democrat.

The Horrible, Oppressive History of Book Burning in America

It's Banned Books Week. Read something dangerous.

Stressed Out? Your Smartphone Could Know Even Before You Do

Researchers at Dartmouth have developed a data-gathering app that can help predict a student's mental health.

The GOP's Jobs Bill Will Create Few Jobs, But Plenty of Debt

Turns out, Republicans only care about the deficit in certain situations.

300,000 People Just Marched About Climate Change. Will It Matter?

There's lots of work to do. But Sunday's march in New York shows lots of people want action.

What to Expect from the Big Climate Summit

Lots of people are pessimistic, but don't write it off yet

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