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July 3, 2015

What the New $10 Bill Should Really Look Like

After all, the average woman makes only 78 percent of what a man makes. Black and Latina women make even less.

This Is What Your Hot Dog and Burger Are Doing to the Planet

Americans already hold more responsibility for climate change than the rest of the world. Don't make it worse.

“It’s Time That Writing Took Something Back From the Internet”

The internet has changed us, and, in turn, changed the role of the novel. Joshua Cohen tells us where—and how—they intersect. 

The Queen of American Gothic

For the writer Shirley Jackson, the poison was always in the sugar pot—and that was her charm. 

The Story of the Only Irishman Ever Deported From Ireland

A review of acclaimed director Ken Loach's latest movie, Jimmy's Hall.

July 2, 2015

Guacamole Is Just an Appetizer. America’s Pea Lobby Has Crazier Plans.

The pea’s plans for world domination have just begun.

Clinton and Sanders Have a Shared Weakness, and Martin O’Malley Is Exploiting It

O’Malley is quickly becoming a favorite among environmentalists.

Ted Cruz Is Right: The Supreme Court Needs Term Limits

But judicial elections are not the answer.

July 1, 2015

The KKK Understands Exactly What the Confederate Flag Symbolizes: White Power

The rally planned for South Carolina’s capitol settles this debate.

Why You Couldn’t Care Less About the Greek Crisis

We know you don’t care about Greece’s euro crisis. We got a psychologist to explain why.

The Confederate Flag Is a Racist Symbol. Just Ask the KKK.

By supporting the flag in South Carolina, they’re really supporting a man who murdered nine black Americans.

City Dwellers Should Learn to Get Along With Urban Wildlife

Moving to the city? This coyote might be your new neighbor.

The Christian Case for Vaccinating Children

Christians are obligated to sacrifice for others. A needle pinprick and a little soreness are relatively minor.

‘Magic Mike XXL’ Wants to Know: Do You Like That, Ladies?

It’s the movie that the Magic Mike marketing campaign prepared us for three years ago—a glorious fantasia of glistening abdomens and gyrating crotches. 

Anthony Kennedy’s Same-Sex Marriage Opinion Was a Logical Disaster

It was the correct ruling, but John Roberts's dissent completely outmatched him.

Our Shared Tragedy of Amy Winehouse

Can you tell the story of a tabloid sensation—albeit a supremely talented one—without involving scuzzy voyeurism?

June 30, 2015

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Amy Schumer and modern comedy’s victimhood complex.

The Supreme Court Isn’t Afraid to Mess With Texas

The Lone Star State felt the impact of this SCOTUS season more than any other state.

Child Models Deserve Worker Protections, Too

It's time to give them the same protections that other child entertainers have. 

How to Improve Obamacare

After the Supreme Court's ACA ruling, what’s next for health care reform?

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