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July 31, 2014

Why Cow Farts and Belches Are Obama's Next Big Targets on Climate Change

Obama is making so-called "clean" natural gas his next big climate target. 

Was Louis XVI Overthrown by Ideas?

Jonathan Israel and Lynn Hunt's debate Hunt's revent review of his Revolutionary Ideas.

Don't Let Republicans Erase Vaginas From Women's Health

Or uteri, or fallopian tubes, or cervices, or ovaries!

Boehner's Border Bill Is a Sideshow

Who cares if the GOP leadership can pass their bill on the border crisis? It's terrible anyway.

My Obamacare Truther Moment

I told a radio interviewer I wasn't really sure about a detail in the Senate bill—and then I kept talking. Bad idea.

The Five Political Forces That Will Control Obama's Efforts To Curtail Deportation Of Immigrants

Why Obama might want to go big on protecting undocumented immigrants—and why he might not.

July 30, 2014

I'm a Doctor. Here's Why I'll Ask You About Guns.

A federal court upheld a Florida law prohibiting physicians from asking about gun ownership. That's nuts.

The Next Big Fight in Income Inequality Is About to Go Down in California

The Bay Area's bold campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. 

How Ronald Reagan Rode America's Delusions to the White House

Did Ronald Reagan unite the nation by dividing it? 

Retire the Dead Presidents and Put These Women on Our Nation's Currency

Why does our currency only feature dead white men? It's time for a change. 

James Franco's Utterly Misguided Adaptation of Cormac McCarthy

What happens when a selfie-addicted celebrity takes on the darkest of American masters?

Skin Cancer Is Skyrocketing in America—and Men Have It Worse

The Surgeon General's report will have you running for shade.

California Could Really Use All of That Water Lost in the UCLA Flood

While UCLA students frolic in their pop-up pools, farmers in other parts of California are dealing with dangerously low groundwater levels.

Conservatives Are Already Planning for the Supreme Court to Nuke Obamacare Subsidies

Halbig Truthers are trying to rig the debate, so that Republicans don’t suffer any consequences for not fixing the Obamacare error.

Ira Glass Is a Philistine for Saying Shakespeare Sucks, But He's in Good Company

There's a long list of famous writers (Tolstoy!) who insulted Shakespeare's work.

Here's Proof That the Anti-Abortion Movement Is Winning

Anti-abortion restrictions slowed down in 2014. That's not good news.

People Are Literally Praying For Coal

The coal industry is not what it used to be, but that's okay.

The Three Reasons Republicans Might Actually Impeach Obama in Spite of Themselves

Republicans are much more likely to do stupid things like impeach a president without cause. Period. 

McDonald's Workers Were Just Handed a Huge Victory by the Obama Administration

A rare bit of good news for millions of low-wage, fast-food workers.

Social Security Could Decide Who Controls Congress

By attacking Social Security Disability Insurance specifically, Republicans seem to think they can start dismantling the whole of Social Security without openly targeting it.

Millennials Don't Want to Climb the Traditional Ladder

The sequence of a career used to be so simple.

July 29, 2014

The Truth About Food Stamps (Hint: They Work and Help Millions)

A primer on one of the most successful anti-poverty programs we have—and why conservative plans to dismantle it make no sense.

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