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October 12, 2015

Swimming Upstream

A new collection of essays from the contrarian public intellectual.

Everything You Need to Know About Tuesday's Democratic Debate

What time is it? Will Bernie and Hillary do battle? Or will you fall asleep?

Lawrence Lessig’s Attack Lines for Tuesday’s Debate—Had He Been Invited

CNN didn't invite the Harvard professor, so he shared his barbs with the New Republic.

Who Will Win the 2015 Man Booker Prize?

The Man Booker Prize is the world's most prestigious literary award for works published in English, but it's ascent has come at a cost to its identity. 

Hollywood’s Tortured Tech Gurus

'Steve Jobs' is the latest movie to explore the soul of an alluring, disturbing startup CEO.

The Adults Take the Stage in the Democratic Debate

It may be boring compared to the Trump Show, but the contrast will be striking.

Elvis Costello: Rock Music’s Biggest Fan

His new memoir tells of songwriting and encounters with the famous.

El Greco

A poem.

White Male Writers: No Longer the Default, and Not Terribly Interesting

Believe it or not, "white man" is becoming its own kind of stereotype.

The Housing Crisis Amid Denver’s Cannabis Boom

Has legal marijuana—and the resulting economic boom—destroyed Denver's affordable housing market? 

Paul Thomas Anderson Has Made His Version of ‘The Last Waltz'

Junun shows the making of Jonny Greenwood and Shye Ben Tzur's new album.

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Need to Be Likable or a "Real Person"

She just needs to convince Democrats that she's Republicans' fiercest enemy.

October 11, 2015

Why I Live Where I Live

Some writers need to go abroad to see home clearly, but New York is all Vivian Gornick needs.

October 9, 2015

Ben Carson Is Wrong About the Holocaust: Jews Did Fight Back

He said the Holocaust would have been "diminished" if Germany’s Jews had been armed. History proves him wrong. 

Where Fantasy Sports Meets Stock Market Scams

Daily fantasy games are wildly popular and completely infuriating

Svetlana Alexievich, The Dostoevsky of Nonfiction

The Nobel Prizewinner's compassionate writing resists politicization. 

Romance in the California Drought

Claire Vaye Watkins's characters shack up in the rubble of the apocalypse.

Has Bernie Sanders Lost His Edge on Climate Issues?

He was supposed to be environmentalists' champion. What happened?

Harry Houdini in Love

Becoming Mrs. Houdini meant learning to speak to the dead.

“Steve Jobs” Is a Magnificent Piece of Consumerist Propaganda

The Apple chairman as corporate tyrant and consumer saint.

When Will National Review Apologize for Cooperating With Murderous Dictator Augusto Pinochet?

Chilean general Augusto Pinochet ordered an assassination on American soil, and the conservative magazine came to his defense.

A Black President Is Not a Magical Negro

Rupert Murdoch's tweets about Ben Carson signified a dangerous stereotype.

Forget Donald Trump. Latinos Only Matter for Democrats in 2016.

This Hispanic vote won't decide the general election, but the Democratic primary is a different story.

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