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March 6, 2015

It Doesn't Matter If Your Kid Doesn't Get Into Harvard

Using the mind as a means to acquire a corner office is very different from enjoying intellectual activity for its own sake.

The President Underwood Guide to Centrist Leadership

"House of Cards" is catnip for pundits who wish the president would crack congressional skulls.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Who Take Koch Money Can Forget About Winning Iowa

Iowa Republicans love wind energy. The Kochs don't. 

What Happens When Mein Kampf's Copyright Expires?

Mein Kampf moves into the public domain in 2016. What happens then? 

Look MoMA, I’m on TV!

Throughout the decades that film has appeared in the museum, TV has remained mostly beneath contempt. 

How Conservative Supreme Court Justices Harmed Their Own Anti-Obamacare Cause

What evokes coercion better than a bunch of states scrambling to do something they didn't want?

Chris Christie Has Hit Rock Bottom

Chris Christie may live on the national stage, but his disappointing track record at home will come back to bite him. 

Inexcusable Absences

Harsh truancy laws don't help students get an education—and they unfairly attack poor parents.

March 5, 2015

Your Straight Hair Doesn't Equal Strength

Why we need more curly-haired heroines on television.

Men in Space

The novelist of disenchantment finds meaning.

Tearing Up the Pop Charts

If popular music is escapist fun, why are the songs so sad?

How Purim, Judaism's Boozy Rejoinder to Halloween, Shook My Faith

Costumes, comedy, mass slaughter, and heresy. For me, it's a profound holiday.

Why Conservatives' Prison Reform Plans Won't Work

Cutting costs won't improve lives.

The Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley Thinks Women Are Tech Illiterate

A guide for recent Stanford grads or aliens who have never been to earth: instructions on boiling eggs and cutting onions, illustrated lists of what one needs to furnish a living room.

Models of the World, Unite!

How the fashion industry rips off its most visible employees.

March 4, 2015

The Crime of the Century

One year after Russia's smash-and-grab, the world has all but conceded Crimea to Vladimir Putin.

Not Too Black to Fail

President Obama said historically black colleges and universities that can't improve should go away. He's correct.

Authoritarian Outfitters

German neo-Nazis’ favorite clothing brand is expanding throughout Europe.

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