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October 20, 2014

There's a Worrisome Amount of Support in Jordan for the Islamic State

Growing discontent could destabilize the country.

The Supreme Court Isn't Likely to Stop Texas' Xenophobic Voting Laws

Texas Republicans fear that Hispanics are poised to take over their state.

October 19, 2014

No Author Is Too Good for Her Amazon Critics

It's time to come to terms with publishing in 2014. Everyone is a critic. Everyone’s got a soapbox. 

What a Past Epidemic Teaches Us About Ebola

Hysteria over a handful of cases? Check. Scapegoating of immigrants and public health officials? Check.

Hey, Bill Maher: There Is No Such Thing as “Islamic Extremism”

There is no such thing as “militant Islam” or “radical Islam”; there’s just Islam. 

Fear of Ebola Could Make People More Likely to Vote Conservative

A growing body of literature suggests that fear make people’s political outlook more conservative.

Obama's Former Muslim Advisor Assesses Whether He's Lived Up to His Cairo Speech

Obama came into office promising to improve relations with the Muslim world. It didn't go exactly as planned.

Marilynne Robinson Is Proof That Fiction Hasn't Lost Its Faith

Marilynne Robinson is one of the great religious novelists, not only of our age, but any age.

Forcing Frats to Go Co-Ed Won't Fix Them

At least at Trinity College, she doesn't exist. And that's a problem for Greek system reformers. 

October 18, 2014

October 17, 2014

How Martin Scorsese Created the Modern Masculine Ideal

If masculinity were a product, then Italian-American masculinity—florid, violent, hungry for respect, as thin-skinned as Italian sausage—would be the brand leader, thanks to the movies.

Curators as Kissingers: Can Museums Repair Diplomatic Relations?

Art can often reach places that politics cannot.

Can Science Fiction Writers Predict Technology’s Future?

Should science fiction writers be sending their first drafts to the patent office?

Should You Cut the Cord on Cable TV? Here's a Guide To Help You Decide

Spoiler: Pretty much everybody should cut the cord.

Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman Once Spent an Afternoon Together. Here's What Happened.

“I come as a poet to call upon a poet,” Wilde said, when Whitman opened his door. 

The Ripple Effects of a Travel Ban Could Make The Ebola Problem Even Worse

Grounding planes doesn't keep the disease isolated.

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