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May 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton Does Not Have a Conflict-of-Interest Problem

If her Republicans rivals criticize her over questionable donors, they'll expose themselves.

May 3, 2015

Student Debt Strikers: Education Department Is "Using Us" for a "Publicity Stunt"

The "Corinthian 100" have backed out of a meeting planned for Monday.

The Decline of Pseudoscience

Now that "natural" living has gone mainstream, its days are numbered.

The Anti-Hillary

Is Carly Fiorina uniquely positioned to neutralize Clinton's strengths?

"We're Going to Protect Our Community Ourselves"

Baltimore's gangs came together to protect their community. But is that all they want?

What Does England Want?

Not since the 1600s has the English establishment been so politically threatened in its heartland.

May 1, 2015

No Campaigns for Manly Men

With two close allies indicted in the Bridgegate scandal, and former Port Authority head pleading guilty to conspiracy, Christie's presidential prospects don't look great.

Baltimore's Prosecutor Gets It

The charges in the Freddie Gray case show that scaring cops is the best way to fight police abuse.

Why Joseph Mitchell Stopped Writing

Some of the author's most successful creations were partly fabrications. 

Liberal Policies Didn’t Fail Baltimore. Here’s What Did.

Democrats control Baltimore, but hurt the city by embracing right-wing policies.

Why Black Students Struggle in STEM Subjects: Low Expectations

Black participation in STEM fields has been left far behind.

The White Man's Bargain

A strange idea has been running through some of the commentary about Baltimore: Wasn’t electing Barack Obama supposed to fix this?

McConnell to Democrats: Get Ready for Another Debt Ceiling Fight!

Republicans will lose. But it could get ugly.

“Welcome to Indonesia, Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers!”

Why the country's new president is executing more foreigners, despite international outrage.

Republicans Say Baltimore Proves Social Welfare Doesn't Work. How Will Hillary Respond?

She needs to fill in the holes in her plan to reform the criminal justice system.

Why Do So Many People Hate the Sound of Hillary Clinton's Voice?

You hear a boring political speech. A linguist hears fascinating identity politics.

Even Conservative Millennials Support Unions

It makes sense: Young people have watched wages associated with middle-class jobs of yesteryear drop precipitously.

April 30, 2015

Freddie Gray Didn't Magically Kill Himself

Wednesday's police leak showed no respect for Baltimore's anger.

Looking While Black

When eye contact with police is considered a crime.

Is John Roberts Drifting Left?

Progressives should take heart: They no longer have to count out Roberts on close decisions.

'Far from the Madding Crowd' Tries Too Hard to Make Its Victorian Heroine a 21st-Century Feminist

By trying to make its protagonist a modern feminist, Far from the Madding Crowd loses sight of its story.

Mayweather-Pacquiao Won't Be the “Fight of the Century”

The richest fight in the history of the sport probably won't be its most exciting.

“Progressives Have Some Catching Up to Do”

Inside activists' plan to re-stock the left's weak bench.

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