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October 31, 2014

College Sports Aren't Like Slavery. They're Like Jim Crow.

The NCAA needs to change—but let's use the correct analogy.

One Kid's Passport Could Determine the Future of Presidential Power

Th president is an agent, not the sovereign.

What You Won't Learn About Thomas Cromwell by Reading Hilary Mantel

Apparently fifteenth-century coronation rituals bred head lice.

Margaret Atwood: “Ooooh! Are We Going to Talk About Dying?”

Talking to the author about feminism, aging, and rewriting Shakespeare.

I Asked My Brother to Donate Sperm to My Wife. That Was the Easy Part.

"Suddenly all the things I'd radically opposed, I started to accept..."

Only 2 Percent of Pre-School Teachers Are Men. Here's Why.

What it's like to teach pre-school as a man.

The Fall's Best New TV Show Is Actually Fun to Watch

You should be watching the CW's "Jane the Virgin"

John Keats's Passionate, Lusty Letters Are the Key to His Poems

Reading what Keats wrote in private helps us better understand those famous odes and sonnets.

This Canadian Pipeline Is the New Keystone XL

Everyone knows the drill by now.

Colorado's Governor's Race Could Come Down to the Death Penalty

How an unlikely issue is upending the race.

Obamacare's Biggest Threat Isn't the Election. It's a Supreme Court Case Being Discussed Today.

They have to decide whether to entertain these crazy new lawsuits. Sadly, they might.

The 20 Most Terrifying Non-Horror Books You'll Ever Read

And there isn't a ghost in a single one.

The Halloween Concert That Reinvented Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was the cynosure of hip, when hipness still wore pressed slacks and light brown suede boots (as he did that night).

October 30, 2014

Why Did the Ultra-Religious, Anti-Gay President of "God's Harvard" Suddenly Resign?

The evangelical school outraged alumni with its weak response to allegations of sexual assault in The New Republic

You Won't Like Frances McDormand in 'Olive Kitteridge' ... But You Might Love Her

HBO's adaptation of the Pulitzer-winning book is fascinating and bleak.

Tea Party Populism Is Dead. The GOP Is Back in Bed With Wall Street.

Big banks are preparing for a big party next week.

Halloween Is Manufactured Fear. Mexico's Day of the Dead Is All Too Real.

Even the harshest of realities—43 dead students—will not stop Mexicans from celebrating death this weekend.

Turning the Machines that Keep Patients Alive Into Art

Piles of pacemakers, heart and lung machines...

Boston Strong: Remembering Mayor Thomas Menino

Remembering a great leader and, yes, a great liberal.

It Won't Be Obama's Fault When the Democrats Lose the Senate

The Democratic candidates are outperforming Obama, in fact.

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