The Most Compelling Details From My Last Two Weeks of Reading

by Julia Ioffe | August 1, 2013

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The U.S. Air Force has a long tradition of giving away American flags flown during combat, but now you can get an Old Glory that has accompanied a drone mission. — The Washington Post

Breasts are amazing, wondrous organs, but did you know that, when you run, they run, too? When a lady of C or D cup endowment breaks into a jog, her nipples go from zero to 45 in one second. — ESPN The Magazine

At the World University Games in Russia, the host country was accused of stacking its team with professional athletes; it won 155 gold medals to second-place China’s 26. Responding to the accusation, Vladimir Putin recommended that critics: — Bloomberg

Though still home to the most Catholics in the world, Brazil has seen its Protestant population surge from 5 percent 40 years ago to 22 percent today. — NPR

Scandal-wracked Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was forced to demonstrate that he had reimbursed the state nearly $2,400 for various food and hygienic items, including deodorant and “hint of lime” chips, that some of his kids had grabbed from the gubernatorial mansion and taken to school. — The Washington Post

The West Sussex cottage where William Blake and his wife frolicked in the nude even while hosting guests (“Come in!” the poet would say. “It’s only Adam and Eve”) can be yours for just under $1 million. — Los Angeles Times

During the Royal Baby frenzy, the historically liberal Guardian created an opt-out function that allowed readers to hide all baby-related news. — The Washington Post

Geese are guarding police stations in China’s volatile Xinjiang province. The birds, explained a United Nations report, “make excellent guards against approaching strangers or predators since outsiders cannot calm them into silence.” — The Atlantic Wire

Julia Ioffe is a senior editor at The New Republic.

William Blake: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images; Adam & Eve: Getty Images; Drone: Sam Panthaky/AFP/Getty Images; Vladimir Putin: Getty Images; Royal baby: WireImage

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