The Porno Primary

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | October 20, 2007

Who's tougher on dirty movies? This morning Rudy Giuliani bragged that he'd kicked the peepshows out of Times Square. But last night Mitt Romney did him one better:

I'm going to fight the modern plague, internet pornography, especially as it effects our youth. You may recall that following the Columbine shooting, Peggy Noonan said that our children are swimming in an ocean of filth she called it: pornography, perversion, violence, sex. It's time we clean up the water that our kids are swimming in. Computer pornography has given new meaning to the words home invasion. If I'm president, I'll work to make sure that every computer sold into the home has an easy-to-engage pornography filter so that parents can protect their children from unwanted filth into their home.


It's 2008's equivalent of the (completely forgoten) V-chip! (Are filters like that even technologically feasible? I doubt it....)

P.S. Follow the ratings!: Mitt also tacked on a clever "To Catch a Predator" line:

And about those predators who use the internet to lure in children? In my book, it will be one strike and you're out. And for me that means long prison sentences, and if you ever get out, it's an ankle bracelet for the rest of your life.


--Michael Crowley

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