Fact Check, Please

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | October 23, 2007

 Today's New York Times profile of McCain campaign manager Rick Davis includes the following bit :

Mr. McCain, who had been chartering his own jets because of ethical scruples about accepting discounted corporate flights, as his opponents did, agreed to begin accepting them after all. Even a central symbol of the McCain campaign, the Straight Talk Express bus, has become cheaper.
 “We had a bus that was $10,000 a day,” Mr. Davis said. “Our new one is $10,000 a month. It’s not as nice a bus, and it just broke down with an alternator problem."

So the old bus was thirty times more expensive than the new one? What, did it have a hot tub, elevator, and IED jammers? No wonder McCain went broke....

--Michael Crowley

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