Edwards's Seiu Advantage

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | October 16, 2007

I promise I won't be using this blog primarily for I-told-you-so's (emphasis on "primarily"), but yesterday's announcement that Edwards has won the endorsement of ten state-level SEIUs does look significant--the campaign certainly looks to be in better shape, union endorsement-wise, than many predicted after the national SEIU announced it wasn't endorsing last week. Here's the official announcement from Edwards-land:
Des Moines, Iowa - Today, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) state councils from Iowa, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio and Oregon announced they have endorsed Senator John Edwards for president, totaling close to one million SEIU members.
California, in particular, could be a very big deal if Edwards can hang on through February 5. --Noam Scheiber

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