The Calculus

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | September 19, 2007

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder has a delightfully Machiavellian explication of current Democratic donor behavior. He (very tentatively) predicts that Hillary might outraise Obama in this quarter by as much as $5 million:
[Clinton] donors are coming home, and many who were on the fence seem to believe her nomination is inevitable. They're coming aboard too late to get anything substantive from the Clinton trough, although this week's homeland security lobbyist/access fundraiser shows that the Clinton team is capable of being creative in that respect. By this point, one fundraiser told me, these donors don't want to not be on board if and when Clinton wins.
It also sounds like Edwards might be facing serious money trouble. (Of course, Marc himself admits he may be getting some expectation-setting spin here.) --Michael Crowley

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