"real Americans"

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | September 18, 2007

Andrew awards Michael Ledeen a "Poseur Alert" for the following bit self-involved flim-flam:
Barbara and I went to Indianapolis for a Toby Keith concert, where we partied with something like 25,000 happy rednecks, most of them young, most of them wearing boots and cowboy hats (and cheering Keith's great song "I Should Have Been a Cowboy"). It's a great show, and he's a wonderful performer, not least because of his deeply moving patriotic songs like "American Soldier," "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," and " The Taliban," etc. It's great to get out of the Washington culture of narcissism and spend some time with the rednecks, a.k.a. real Americans. And it's simply great, as the encores end, and a downpour of red, white and blue confetti covers the crowd, to see Toby say "don't ever apologize for your patriotism," and then lift the middle finger of his right hand to the skies and say, "F*** 'Em!" Which, after a week of disgusting anti-Americanism in Washington, nicely summed up our feelings.
What Ledeen evidently doesn't know is that Toby Keith is a Democrat (and good friend of Bill Richardson) who opposed the Iraq war from the start and favors a timeline for withdrawal. Welcome to the real America, Michael. --Christopher Orr

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