"so Wrong, So Wrong, Life Ain't What It Used To Be"

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | August 27, 2007

Without the news about our AG, this would have been a bad morning, because I was twice proven wrong: I bemoaned the fact that Gonzales would surely never step down, and it happened mere hours later; then, my assertion that congressional Democrats can't get a damn thing done was undermined by that eternally pesky thing called data. Congress scholar Thomas Mann has an "Op Chart" in the Times that compares how many substantive bills were passed and how many oversight hearings were held in the first half of the year by both the Republicans of '95 and the Democrats of '07. The Democrats stand up very well against the Republicans, especially on oversight and when you contrast the outputs of the House. The chart also points out that this year's Senate Republicans' use of the filibuster has been outrageous. Shout both of Mann's conclusions from the rooftops, because this narrative sure isn't out there. --Eve Fairbanks

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