Gordon Brown's Burden?

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | July 4, 2007

One of the consequences of the unfortunate developments in Iraq is that intervention anywhere else anytime in the future is going to be a tougher thing to sell. Many will welcome this of course. Still, there is one small country where at least some people would welcome the arrival of the Royal Marines:
"ZIMBABWE'S leading cleric has called on Britain to invade the country and topple President Robert Mugabe. Pius Ncube, the Archbishop of Bulawayo, warned that millions were facing death from famine, unable to survive amid inflation believed to have soared to 15,000 perent."

Mugabe, 83, had proved intransigent despite the "massive risk to life", said Ncube, the head of Zimbabwe's 1m Catholics. "I think it is justified for Britain to raid Zimbabwe and remove Mugabe," he said. "We should do it ourselves but there's too much fear. I'm ready to lead the people, guns blazing, but the people are not ready."
Gordon Brown has a longstanding interest in Africa (I would not be surprised if his first overseas visit as PM were to Africa; it can't for political and cosmetic reasons be to washington). If he can find some way of rescuing poor Zimbabwe from its agony he'll have done the continent no small service. --Alex Massie

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