Playing To Your Strengths

by The New Republic Staff, The New Republic Staff | July 3, 2007

Over at Slate, John Dickerson has a piece on the McCain campaign and how it can bounce back:
So, how will the campaign try to recover? In the targeted states, McCain will hold even more town-hall-style political events, returning to the magical formula that worked for him in 2000. "We know that he's the best retail politician in the field, and the commitment rate among people who've seen him or read about his town halls is very good," says a top aide. "He draws the largest crowds, and he is always, always his best when he's directly before voters."
The obvious question here is why McCain hasn't been pursuing this strategy all along. Or maybe he has and Dickerson is just being spun by the aide. Regardless, it's always frusturating to hear the media report that various campaigns are struggling and now they are going to get serious and focus on their strengths. It makes one wonder why the geniuses in charge hadn't thought of this course of action to begin with. --Isaac Chotiner

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