In Defense Of Romney, Sort Of

by The New Republic Staff | June 7, 2007

Josh Marshall has a take on the GOP field that, atypically, I find to be the complete opposite of mine. He writes, first, that the current field looks "feeble, dispirited and generally languid." Really? Two of the leading candidates, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, do far better than a generic Republican in trial heats. While polls show that the public strongly prefers a Democratic president in 2008, those two consistently hold their own. That's the definition of a strong candidate, to me. Next Josh writes about his strong aversion to Mitt Romney. He writes of Romney's phoniness and "the terror of a Romney presidency." To me, Romney's phoniness is exactly why I'm not terrified of the prospect of him as president. I see him as a competent, moderate-minded manager who has decided his only chance of being elected is to masquerade as a whacko. And Josh details his visceral aversion to Romney, "I feel it to an extent with Bush, though nothing like I do with Romney." Wow, hating Romney more than Bush? There are plenty of people I hate more than Bush, but most of them are mass murders. Romney certainly doesn't qualify. --Jonathan Chait

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