This Is Getting Ridiculous

by The New Republic Staff | March 15, 2007

Breaking news from Roll Call:
Under the agreement, the Senate this afternoon will vote on three proposals, all of which would require 60 votes for passage - a mark that none is anticipated to meet. Lawmakers will vote on Reid's resolution setting a timetable for a redeployment of troops from Iraq by March of next year, a troop support resolution by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) essentially committing the Senate to backing continued involvement of troops in Iraq and a modified version of the Gregg amendment sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) that, while supporting continued funding for troops in the field, would leave open the possibility of Congress bringing the conflict to an end.

Although the Gregg amendment had originally been expected to garner well over 60 votes thanks to lawmakers' reluctance to vote against anything with patriotic overtones, Democratic aides said the Murray proposal would likely siphon off enough votes to doom the Gregg language.
The Gregg amendment itself, remember, was a Republican gimmick to undermine the Democrats. Now the Democrats have their own gimmick amendment to undermine the Gregg amendment. We are slowly moving towards an undefeatable, head-of-a-pin amendment in support of puppies while denouncing al Qaeda and calling for a new season of "Arrested Development" but not another Rocky sequel and so on and on and on... --Michael Crowley

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