Biden For President?

by The New Republic Staff | February 13, 2007

In his latest TRB column, Peter writes:

My colleague and friend Jonathan Chait, in perhaps the oddest column of the entire saga, said Biden would be a "terrific" president and that his Obama quote was "widely misunderstood," but that he should drop out of the presidential race nonetheless, because he's gaffe-prone and thus can't win. This strikes me as a strange conflation of the descriptive and the normative. If Biden wants to waste his time in a quixotic bid for the presidency--a job Chait thinks he'd do extremely well--why stop him?
Let me explain. I'm not really trying to stop Biden from running for president, I just find the notion of him running pretty ridiculous. It's true that I think Biden is very smart and would make a good president. But I think Peter is even smarter than Biden, and might make an even better president (he's better on television, that's for sure) but I don't think Peter should run for president either. --Jonathan Chait

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