Houston, We Have A Love Triangle

by The New Republic Staff | February 6, 2007

Overheard at NASA Captain Lisa Marie Nowak's preliminary hearing... NOWAK: So check it out, Judge. I was, like, the robotic-arm operator on the shuttle and that was a little sad, you feel me? I needed some real arms, you dig? So, like, Bill became my man. I mean, when I say we went to space together, I don't just mean that literally. And then comes along this slut, Colleen, and she never even went to space, so I was all like, what's up with this? And Bill was like, that's my other woman. And I was like, I don't think so. That's when shit got ugly, your honor. I just wanted to talk to the home-wrecker, but then she got all up in my grill, so I had to pepper-spray her ass. Really this isn't worth the court's time at all. I think you should just let me get back to working on Atlantis

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