"head Of Nuclear Program"

by The New Republic Staff | December 11, 2006

This month's Vanity Fair has a great little parody of Dick Cheney's Google searches, including such gem search terms as:
HDL freedom fries
Google Maps: tora bora
quail hunting "involuntary manslaughter"
iraq exit strategy
iraq exit stratagem
iran exit strategy
Except: It's practically not a parody. This from today's Washington Post:
When the State Department recently asked the CIA for names of Iranians who could be sanctioned for their involvement in a clandestine nuclear weapons program, the agency refused ... Frustrated, the State Department assigned a junior Foreign Service officer to find the names another way -- by using Google. Those with the most hits under search terms such as "Iran and nuclear," three officials said, became targets for international rebuke Friday when a sanctions resolution circulated at the United Nations.


None of the 12 Iranians that the State Department eventually singled out for potential bans on international travel and business dealings is believed by the CIA to be directly connected to Iran's most suspicious nuclear activities.
It's nice that the government is making use of Internet resources, but ... --Eve Fairbanks

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