by The New Republic Staff | October 12, 2007

You wanna get the blood of the editors of Commentary flowing ... or of the Wall Street Journal? Just mention Al Gore. Or global warming. There are two articles in Thursday's Times that will get their hysteria up ... about what they usually characterize as Gore's hysteria. It's odd -- isn't it? -- that these ordinary journalists (like me) have the science down pat. They know the one scientist here and the other scientist there that believe Greenland will disappear not earlier than a zillion years from now. What a relief! The fact is that the scientific consensus is in accord with the propositions that Gore has articulated. God knows, even George Bush seems to have come around. As economist Sir Nicholas Smith observed, "It wasn't until January that President Bush was at all clear there was a problem; now he's sounding as if he's a leader in the response to this problem." There's speculation that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany who is also a physicist, may have helped persuade Bush to accept a serious proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 50% by 2050. Will Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize (a "green" peace prize) to be announced tomorrow? If he does, the clamor for him to run will certainly increase.

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