Not Just Anyone

by The New Republic Staff | September 22, 2006

The distinguished linguist John McWhorter has written for The New Republic (here, here, and here), and for our Open University blog (here and here). I appreciate the sharpness and bravery of his thought. He has now written a piece, "The Color of His Skin," for The New York Sun, arguing that the only reason there is great support for Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president is the color of of his skin. (See the poll done on Obama in TNR online, and the analysis of it.) McWhorter writes: "The key factor that galvanizes people around the idea of Obama for president is, quite simply, that he is black." And he goes on to explain why this is not good. Of course, there is another reason: The Democrats are so desperate to find a candidate who could beat John McCain that any really fresh face will do. But it won't.

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