Your One-stop Guide To The Norm Coleman Scandal-thon

by Eve Fairbanks | October 31, 2008

Lawsuits! Shady associates! Dirty money! It's very hard to keep track of what the hell's been going on in these final days of the Norm Coleman-Al Franken showdown in Minnesota, so here's a little cheat sheet for you to keep track.

Where there's smoke coming out of more than one window, there's probably fire.

But what's the most infuriating thing about all this? Despite the avalanche of weird news about Coleman, the race is still tight, with Franken running behind Obama in the state. Yesterday, the Intrade betting market was down sharply on Franken's chances of unseating Coleman, giving him just over a 50% shot at a win. Besides some damaging ethics stories of his own on the tax front, I guess that doggone it, people just don't like Franken.

Meanwhile, Coleman's now trying to gin up some distractions of his own: Yesterday, he announced he was suing Franken for defamation in one of the comedian's negative ads. So much for Coleman's Yom Kippur resolution to keep the race positive.

--Eve Fairbanks

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