Cowboy Vs. Indians

by The New Republic | July 27, 2009

Senator John Cornyn does the usual Bolivia-Bulgaria and Austria-Australia foreign country transpositions one better:

A key US Senator who has extensively supported India, including the passage of the nuclear deal, stunned his Indian and Indian-American supporters this weekend when he identified India as a US national security threat and clubbed it with North Korea and Iran, while arguing for continuing the F-22 fighter jet programme, which would keep up to 100,000 jobs going in the US.

''It (the F-22 program) is important to our national security because we're not just fighting wars in Afghanistan

and Iraq,'' Texas’ Republican Senator John Cornyn said in a TV interview. "We're fighting ? we have graver threats and greater threats than that: From a rising India, with increased exercise of their military power; Russia; Iran, that's threatening to build a nuclear weapon; with North Korea, shooting intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of hitting American soil.''

Turns out the Senator had a 'slip of the tongue.'

''Senator Cornyn misspoke saying 'India' when he meant to say 'China,'"... his spokesman Kevin McLaughlin clarified.

It might be somewhat less embarrassing if Cornyn weren't founder and co-chairman of the Senate India Caucus.

--Christopher Orr

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