Why The World Cup Has Been Crap So Far

by Zachary Roth | June 16, 2010

Alex takes on the important question of why the World Cup has been crap so far. Or, if you want to stick to a proposition that's not debatable, why we've seen so few goals -- just 23 in 14 games, a clear drop-off from previous Cups.

I agree it would have been better to have had Croatia for Slovenia, the Czechs for Slovakia, the Russians for Greece, and anyone for Denmark -- whose utter lack of anything resembling goal-scoring ambition against Holland I had the misfortune to watch live Monday. But that doesn't explain disappointing performances by the Dutch themselves, Portugal, Ivory Coast, France (yes, I expected a goal or two against Uruguay) and even Brazil, who for 55 minutes couldn't get off the mark against North Korea. Not to mention the across-the-board goal drought: North Korea has been the only losing team to score so far. Things got so bad during yesterday's highly-anticipated but underwhelming Portugal/Ivory-Coast clash that my usually cool-headed German friend could control himself no longer. "Fuck you!" he shouted at an Ivorian defender who had misplaced yet another pass. "People pay money to watch this bullshit." (The German accent made it funnier.)

So anyway, what's going on? I have no great theory, but I thought I'd throw out a few other possible explanations...

If we're going to look on the bright side: In 06, the group games were excellent, the knockout stage disappointing. Let's hope things are reversed this time

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