How Do Our Readers Think About Personal Identity?

How we perceive identity is as unique as our identies themselves, according to a new TNR survey.

What It's Like to Lose a Daughter to an Eating Disorder

"The most uncomfortable aspect of eating disorders is death."

The Major Demographic Shift That's Upending How We Think About Race

And you'll never guess where the rate of people claiming more than one race is growing fastest

Creating New Opportunities for African-American Entrepreneurs

SPONSORED CONTENT: Credit Suisse launches Entrepreneurs Circle to help African-Americans accelerate business growth.

Glimpses of a Ghetto-Free Future

Segregation is steadily declining—but whites still live in the least diverse neighborhoods

Why I Helped Search for Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham

Why do we search for some missing girls and ignore the others.

Stop Obsessing Over Your College Essay—Admissions Officers Don't

"I literally never heard a decision made on the basis of a personal essay alone."


The "World Domination Summit" Wants to Teach People to Do What They Love

It's meant to inspire people to leave corporate life and do what they love. But what does that mean for the rest of us?

New Dads Get More Breaks than New Moms in the Office

25% of people found it "admirable" when a man took care of his kids. Only 3% thought so about women. 

The Best Way to Be Your Own Boss: Selling Advice on How to Be Your Own Boss

A new wave of solopreneurs are capitalizing on people desperate for self-employment success. 

What Do Employees Think About The Future Of Work?

New survey results show that flexibilty and gender equality are the key to the future workplace

It's Time to Pay Prisoners the Minimum Wage

Giving convicts labor equality will help our conscience and our bottom line. 

Freelance Workers Are Our Future. So Why Are We Penalizing Them?

Our government can't distinguish between an employee and a contractor. And that's hurting our freelancers and our future.

Are America's Unions Too Local?

A labor economist explains how an industry-wide collective bargaining system would revolutionize the way we work 

The NFL Cheerleaders Should Be Your Fair-Pay Heroes

The bottom 60 percent of the workforce hasn’t gotten a raise in a decade, and, for some, pay has even fallen. The basic bargain that Americans put in a hard day’s work and share in some of the bounty they produce has been broken.

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