Roger Goodell Just Blew It

People say Roger Goodell didn't come down hard enough on Ray Rice. They're absolutely right.

The NFL Cheerleaders Should Be Your Fair-Pay Heroes

The bottom 60 percent of the workforce hasn’t gotten a raise in a decade, and, for some, pay has even fallen. The basic bargain that Americans put in a hard day’s work and share in some of the bounty they produce has been broken.

When Workers Own Their Companies, Everyone Wins

How a very old economic model could help the new economy.

July Jobs Report: Slow, Steady Job Growth Continues

Things are better, but we still have a ways to go.

The House GOP Embarrassed Itself Thursday

Boehner and Co. were determined to prove to America that they could actually govern. Thanks to Ted Cruz, they proved the opposite.

Ted Cruz Proves Why He’s Still the Most Hated Man in Congress

Guess who's back causing problems for the Republican Party again?

Why Cow Farts and Belches Are Obama's Next Big Targets on Climate Change

Obama is making so-called "clean" natural gas his next big climate target. 

Boehner's Border Bill Is a Sideshow

Who cares if the GOP leadership can pass their bill on the border crisis? It's terrible anyway.

My Obamacare Truther Moment

I told a radio interviewer I wasn't really sure about a detail in the Senate bill—and then I kept talking. Bad idea.