The VP Debate’s Biggest Missed Opportunity
October 12, 2012

The first debate between two Catholics, and all we got was a lousy abortion question?

Can Bob Woodward Save Mitt Romney?
September 26, 2012

There's an amusing Beltway notion that undecided voters are highly informed types who, say, read Bob Woodward. A new Romney ad buys in.

Nobody Likes Mitt
September 13, 2012

If Romney loses, it’ll be because voters don't like him. That doesn't mean they're being superficial.

It’s Time to Retire the Late-Night TV Wars
August 23, 2012

Why do we still care about the timeline of late-night TV programming?

The Networks Are Skipping Ann Romney’s Convention Speech—and That’s a Good Thing
August 23, 2012

The American people would rather watch Hawaii Five-Oh. Is that so terrible?

Treading Water: Why the Obama Campaign is Doing Worse Than It Seems
July 13, 2012

President Obama’s team perhaps once hoped to reenact Ronald Reagan’s triumphant 1984 march to reelection. But it’s now clear that they’re condemned to repeat George W. Bush’s much less inspiring campaign in 2004. The playbook is clear: A barrage of negative advertising to define your opponent before he can define himself; a stream of issues and events to mobilize your base; and a meticulous ground game to squeeze every last vote out of the base come November.

BREAKING: Obama Evolves On Marriage Equality. What About Everyone Else?
May 09, 2012

Today, President Obama announced he supports gay marriage. The president revealed his position in a much-anticipated interview with ABC. Previously, the president had claimed that his stance was “evolving.” There weren’t many people who actually believed him—the notion that his views were shifting a little bit every day was always kind of ridiculous—but the politics of the issue are dicey, and campaign season is a risky time to announce a major policy shift.

Mitt Romney's Sinking Approval Ratings
April 02, 2012

Last week was a pretty good one for Mitt Romney. He moved ahead of Rick Santorum in the polls in Wisconsin. His lead in national polls of Republicans increased as well. And he continued to get prominent endorsements from star conservatives like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, indicating a party moving in his direction. But despite all this encouraging news, there was a cloud on Romney’s horizon: his terrible approval ratings. How terrible?

Democratic Overconfidence, Meet The Long Commute
March 12, 2012

At several points in recent weeks, as President Obama’s approval ratings inched steadily upward and the nice big job-creation numbers started rolling out, I found myself in the position of raining on the liberals’ parade. Obama’s prospects were brightening, but one thing could still seriously challenge that, I’d tell those celebrating his rise: gas prices. And as obvious as that observation might sound, I noticed that it was often shrugged off.