How to Reveal You Had an Abortion
A guide for Wendy Davis and other politicians
September 23, 2014

A guide for Wendy Davis and other politicians.

The Catholic Church Prefers Medieval Barbarism to Modern Abortion
August 19, 2014

Women can be strapped down and force-fed until their fetus comes to term.

Here's Proof That the Anti-Abortion Movement Is Winning
Anti-abortion restrictions slowed down in 2014. That's not good news.
July 30, 2014

Anti-abortion restrictions slowed down in 2014. That's not good news.

The Supreme Court's Abortion-Clinic Ruling Just Made Cops' Jobs Much Harder
The buffer-zone ruling will force a piecemeal approach from law enforcement
June 26, 2014

Police will now have to scramble to keep patients and protesters from clashing.

This Summer's Abortion Comedy May Save the Rom-Com
June 09, 2014

That's right. A comedy about abortion.

Texas's Culture Wars Have Created a Public Health Disaster for Women
A report from the impoverished Rio Grande Valley
May 12, 2014

Women's health services were already abysmal in the Rio Grande Valley. Then the GOP made things even worse.

Why Is Lean In Valorizing This Republican Congresswoman?
January 31, 2014

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen certainly leaned in—made it harder for other women to do the same.

'Miscarriage Management': The Next Front in the Abortion Wars
January 29, 2014

Texas' draconian anti-choice laws have led to this latest work-around for abortion docs.

The Four Craziest Moments From South Carolina's Tea Party Convention
January 20, 2014

More than 600 Tea Partiers descended on the Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach last weekend for the annual South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.