The "Physical Web" Could Change Your Life—and Track Your Every Move
October 10, 2014

Google's "Physical Web" is more than a futuristic idea with a bizarre nameit could be a huge invasion of privacy. 

Maybe the Solution to Normalizing Public Breastfeeding Is Victoria's Secret
May 30, 2014

The lingerie company once offered a nursing bra. They should bring it back!

Honor Your Mother: Don't Watch That Patronizing Viral Ad
May 08, 2014

There’s a sad irony to the rampant valorization of motherhood by corporate America.

Who Should Advertise During The Super Bowl? Hint: Not Pepsi
January 29, 2014

Researchers reveal the smarter science behind Super Bowl advertising 

Apple's New Ad: Don't Worry About Jobs, Follow Your Passion!
January 15, 2014

Apple is selling a lifestyle now—to those who can afford it.

Kiefer Sutherland and Ray Liotta Are the New Most Interesting Men in the World?
January 06, 2014

Does every liquor really need its own "gentleman" spokesman?

Feminism's Next Frontier: Drycleaning
December 16, 2013

ZIPS says its competitors charge women more than men.

Can the NBA Sell Obamacare to the American People?
June 19, 2013

Last night LeBron James came through for the Miami Heat. Can he also come through for Obamacare?