Alec McGillis

No, Romney Didn’t Win The Middle Class
November 29, 2012

Stuart Stevens says Mitt Romney won the middle class vote. He's wrong.

Can There Be a Decent Center? What a Worthwhile Third Party Would Look Like
May 01, 2012

Other than the brief period when the concept of “President Newt Gingrich” looked slightly plausible, the strangest phenomenen in this otherwise predictable election season has been Americans Elect, a political “party” without a platform or a candidate, but with a likely place on the ballot in almost every state. For now, it may seem the only reasonable response to the benighted Americans Elect is to ignore it (as many clearly have).

Goodbye and Hello
September 09, 2011

Today The New Republic welcomes Timothy Noah to the masthead. Actually, we welcome him back. Tim’s distinguished career in journalism began at TNR, in 1980, when he was a reporter-researcher. Later he went to the Wall Street Journal, then Slate, and now, to my great delight, he’s here. Among Tim's many accomplishments is his award-winning multimedia series on inequality, which he wrote last year and is turning into a book. It is an example of how the web can make journalism more vivid, useful, and influential – while still promoting a deep, nuanced understanding of the world in which we live.