Andrew Bostom

Ashura, Self-Flagellation and Intra- and Extra-Muslim Affairs
December 31, 2009

Many religions practice self-flagellation rituals. Even today. Catholics in Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, the Philippines, and ultramontane Roman Catholics of the Opus Dei conviction flagellate themselves on Good Friday in fraternity with the suffering of Jesus. Among Sunnis, it is forbidden. Not so among the Shi'a, where there is no actual uniformity of belief and certainly not in practice.

"death To All Juice"
December 29, 2008

It was a demonstration on Fifth Avenue, a tiny one, actually.  But there was no doubt about what it wanted.  It was caught on camera by Pamela Geller and conveyed on the web by the obsessed but reliable Andrew Bostom. Manhattan: Expressing Annihilationist Jew Hatred, “On The Avenue, Fifth Avenue” December 29th, 2008 by Andrew Bostom | No Comments 14 visitors have read this article Photo from the irrepressible Pamela Geller who played the heroic photographer role (apologies to Irving Berlin, and The Easter Parade)   “On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue, the photographers will snap us and you’ll f

Interfaith Dialogue
September 25, 2006

In the coming week's TNR (and later online) there will appear a very learned essay by David Nirenberg arguing that the Pope's disquisition about the dialogue between the Byzantine emperor and the Muslim scholar was an inevitably, that is, an inextricably doomed argumentation. The scholar Andrew Bostom (to some of whose recent writings I, who am not a scholar of Islam, have posted links) believes that the 14th century exchange is not only relevant but enormously illuminating.