Andrew Young

How John Edwards Could Get Cornered By the Prosecution in His Campaign Finance Trial
April 23, 2012

As a card-carrying member of the Betrayed by John Edwards Alumni Association, I’ll admit that my initial response to his federal indictment for violating campaign laws was skepticism. Yes, Edwards was an egocentric, lying, baby-denying cad who betrayed his dying wife. I doubted, however, that he had committed a crime. But now that the Edwards trial is getting started—opening statements will be heard today in Greensboro, North Carolina—I have begun thinking that things are a bit more complicated.

After The Fall
June 30, 2010

On Saturday night, April 24, 2010, five days before John Edwards’s mistress Rielle Hunter sat down with Oprah to talk about the by-then-infamous sex tape and other embarrassments that had destroyed his political career, the former presidential candidate showed up at the West End Wine Bar in downtown Durham, North Carolina. It was around ten o’clock, and Edwards wanted a glass of wine after finishing dinner with friends at a nearby restaurant. When he got to the door, Edwards was disappointed to learn the bar was closed for a private event.

April 28, 2010

Last week, the tech blog Gizmodo scored a major scoop by publishing images and video of the brand new iPhone 4G, blasting the website's traffic into the stratosphere, embarassing the notoriously secretive Apple company, and prompting a police raid on Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's house. How did Gizmodo find the phone? A careless Apple engineer left the prototype in a bar. The story has dominated media conversations ever since, so we thought we'd put together some other tales of infamous items lost, stolen, or simply misplaced. Item: The U.S.

February 25, 2010

--Andrew Young's pathetic, creepy, irresistible tell-all on John Edwards --Rush Limbaugh's not very subtle attack on Obama's "black dialect." --Neera Tanden begins her political detox --Right-wing poster child Marco Rubio dipped into the kitty

The Adults Aren’t Alright
February 16, 2010

Adults love to obsess about how the perils of modernity are ruining the younger generations. (They can’t help themselves. It’s how they keep their minds off all the gray hair, crows feet, and erectile dysfunction that stalk the land of the middle aged.) Nowadays, a favorite fixation is whether youth can be taught to responsibly navigate our wired world. Can immature minds grasp the privacy issues that become more complicated with each new networking tool?

Today At TNR (October 2, 2009)
October 02, 2009

The Biggest Flaw in Cap-And-Trade? Follow the Power Lines. by Bradford Plumer The Unintended Consequences of the UN’s Latest Indictment of Israel, by Yossi Klein Halevi Strippers, Cowboys, and That Girl From 'Little Miss Sunshine'--What Else Could You Want From a Zombie Movie? by Christopher Orr McWhorter: In 40 Years of African-American Studies, What Have We Learnt? by John McWhorter Cohn: The Problem With Letting States Control Health Care, by Jonathan Cohn Kilgore: Tim Pawlenty in 2012? Seriously?! by Ed Kilgore Peretz: Hillary Clinton, Secretary For Women's Affairs?

A Bit More on Andrew Young
October 01, 2009

Michelle's already flagged Ben Smith's Politico piece on the Andrew Young-John Edwards soap opera, but I just wanted to add my two cents--or, at the very least, get a blog post out of my one Andrew Young story. Although I met him a handful of times over the years in the course of reporting about Edwards--as Smith's piece documents, Young was one of those guys who was always just sort of around--it was my first encounter with him that sticks in my head.

Could John Edwards Really Be This Dumb?
September 30, 2009

Politico is spotlighting a long piece about the pathos of Andrew Young, the former John Edwards staffer who made the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved boss: publicly claiming to be the baby daddy of Rielle Hunter's child, only to be later kicked to the curb by his idol. The piece paints no one in a positive light, conveying the sense that Young is a creepy loser and both Edwardses creepy users.

Open Tab
September 10, 2008

On the morning of February 21, David Perel, the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer, was sitting in his Boca Raton office when he pulled up The New York Times website.

Cool We Can Believe In
March 20, 2008

Save for the odd occurrence of a black contestant managing to win more than fifteen cents on “Deal or No Deal,” I rarely feel any racial pride.