Angela Merkel

In Which the Israeli Prime Minister Gives the German Chancellor a Hitler Mustache
February 25, 2014

Yes, this picture exists. Now let's talk about what it means (and doesn't mean).

The Betrayal of Angela Merkel
November 02, 2013

Angela Merkel loved America from pretty much the day she was born. The NSA may have ended that.

White House and Congress Didn't Know the NSA Was Spying on Allies? I Doubt It
October 29, 2013

Count me as very skeptical about the suggestions in recent days that neither the White House nor the congressional intelligence committees knew about NSA collections against leaders in allied countries.

The Machiavellian Genius of Angela Merkel
September 22, 2013

To state the obvious: Angela Merkel, who has just won a third term as German chancellor, isn’t very macho. Her preferred free-time pursuit is recreational nature walking.

Saving Cyprustan
March 24, 2013

For Russia, spending a few billion bucks on a bailout could have bought an ally.

Please, Herr Krugman, May I Have Another?
November 28, 2012

Krugman loves to insult the Germans, and they love to be insulted by him.

‘As Long As I Live’
June 26, 2012

The frustrating, and damaging, thing about Angela Merkel’s leadership in the European economic crisis is that she has consistently preferred incremental steps, even at the risk of exacerbating instability across the continent. Now, in advance of this week’s highly-anticipated EU summit, it seems she’s finally taken a bold leap. The problem is it’s in the completely wrong direction.  First, a quick summary of where things stood until now.

Pro-Merkel Argument Fail
June 07, 2012

In today's Financial Times, Quentin Peel surveys the many difficulties facing Angela Merkel as she tries to steer Europe out of the latest chapter of its extended crisis, before praising her political savvy: Yet the underlying political reality, both in Germany and the rest of Europe, is that the chancellor is more in tune with public opinion than are many of her critics. The latest opinion poll published by the Pew Global Attitudes survey last month showed that she is the most respected European leader in every country except Greece. The same is true at home.

How Europe Could Sink Obama’s Election Chances—And What He Can Do About It
May 24, 2012

Europe’s Greek tragedy has now entered its final act, with potentially fateful consequences for the global economy—and for Barack Obama, whose reelection may hinge on the decisions of Germany in the coming weeks. The 2012 election will pivot on the public’s evaluation of the president’s economic stewardship, and a perceptible decline in the U.S. growth rate—which a badly handled Greek exit from the Eurozone would cause—could easily spell the difference between victory and defeat. Obama’s fate, then, may well lie in Angela Merkel’s hands.

Deutschland Über Alles: Should We Fear Germany's New Role in Europe?
May 15, 2012

When Francois Hollande, the newly elected president of France, arrives today in Berlin for his first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it will kindle memories of the long history of Franco-German partnership in leading the European Union. In France, it may even trigger the traditional condescension Parisian politicians feel towards their neighbors: the lumbering German economic giant that relies on French diplomatic, military, and nuclear savoir faire to achieve political clout. Increasingly, however, such sentiments are mere nostalgia.