Angelina Jolie

Parents of Transgender Kids Could Learn a Lot from Brangelina
January 27, 2015

Leelah Alcorn's suicide was preventable.

Depp v. Pitt: The Dual Fate of the Leading Man
July 09, 2013

They have things in common. Johnny is only a few months older than Brad. They were country boys from the rough northern edge of the South: Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky; and Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Angelina Jolie's Mastectomy Was the Right Decision for Her, But Not for Everyone
May 13, 2013

I don’t have a whole lot in common with Angelina Jolie, but we do share a terrifying family history of breast cancer. Like Jolie, I lost my mother to cancer—mine at 49, Jolie’s at 56.

Mindy Kaling: TV's Smartest Airhead
September 26, 2012

What Mindy Kaling gets about work-love balance that most rom-com writers don't.

A Rally in Somalia Against Al Shabab
October 11, 2011

The New York Times called it a rare rally—and a rare rally it is. Alas, Somalia is not a Muslim country about which we particularly care. It has no oil. It is poor. It suffers from ongoing drought. It has a new enemy: pirates. And, after all, it is an African society with Arab undercurrents. When did anybody really care about a place like this? It is true that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have grasped these people to their hearts—and to their fortunes. But that’s not nearly enough. Maybe nothing would be nearly enough.

The Butterfly Effect
July 28, 2011

It is often said that the age of the Washington hostess is dead. Gone are the days, we are told, of Katharine Graham and Pamela Harriman, who assembled Washington power players around tables where deals were struck and alliances forged. But that may not be entirely true. The name Rima Al-Sabah doesn’t ring many bells to people outside the Beltway. Inside, it rings a lot. Al-Sabah is the wife of the Kuwaiti ambassador, Salem Al-Sabah. Since the couple arrived in Washington in 2001, she has become known as the issuer of invitations one doesn’t decline.

No Entry
May 18, 2011

In 2007, a Russian businessman named Oleg Derapaska applied for a multiple-entry visa to enter the United States. Derapaska certainly had some impressive credentials—he is one of the richest men in Russia, with a fortune of $10.7 billion as of 2010, which he made initially by cornering Russia’s aluminum market. He is well traveled, and is the owner of a £25 million home in the Belgravia neighborhood of London. The State Department nevertheless turned him down (though it did grant him a one-time entry visa in 2009).

The End of Big Oil
February 27, 2008

When historians one day dissect the long arc of humankind's use of fossil fuels, they may very well zero in on October 9, 2006, as a turning point for Big Oil. That's when it became clear that the major oil companies--the giants that had survived numerous predicted extinctions and gone on to ever-greater profit and influence--were undergoing a tectonic shift and would either reinvent themselves or die.

Frothy Hollywood Humanitarians
June 17, 2007

I've not seen "A Mighty Heart," the movie made out of Daniel Pearl's death and his widow's book by the same name. In fact, I don't think it opens until June 22, and I haven't seen any reviews yet. But there is certainly a decent amount of advertising for the film and much talk about its coming. Some of this has to do, of course, with Angelina Jolie and with Brad Pitt and with her telling interviewers that she wants seven or thirteen or fourteen children. Another part of the hype is Mariane Pearl whose celebrity status came to her by cultivation.

Angelina V. Fair And Balanced News
June 14, 2007

First the Democrats decided to pull out of a Fox News debate. Okay, you thought, but politicians aren't that cool. But now comes word that Angelina Jolie, Hollywood legend, daughter of Jon Voight (our condolences), and partner to the man costarring in the year's worst film, tried to ban Fox from covering the premiere of her new movie. Here's the Fox write-up: Angelina Jolie's true colors came out Wednesday as she promoted a film about freedom of the press and then tried to censor all her interviews.But Jolie turns out to be a mighty hypocrite when it comes to her own freedom of the press.