Arizona State University

State Budgets’ Unsound Structures
January 07, 2011

There’s been a lot of talk about state budget woes across the country as impacted by the Great Recession.

The National Clean Energy Potential of the Mountain West
September 02, 2010

The nation is urgently searching for ways to transform its energy system with cleaner alternatives.

Arizona’s Immigration Situation: Just the Facts
May 24, 2010

Amid all the impassioned support for and angry backlash against Arizona’s new law to curb illegal immigration, the facts on the matter are being totally obscured. A new short brief  by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University finds that while some public policy claims about the state’s illegal immigration situation are well-founded, others are demonstratively false or not clearly established from given data. To help clear-up the public policy debate, the brief ticks off nine clarifications, from the popularity of the state’s new bill to the impact of undocumented i

Planet Doom
April 28, 2010

For most of the 2.5 million years that humans and their predecessors have been around, the Earth has been a volatile place. Subtle shifts in the planet’s orbit have triggered large temperature swings; glaciers have marched across North America and Europe and then retreated. But, about 10,000 years ago, something unusual happened: The Earth’s climate settled into a relatively stable state, global temperatures started hovering within a narrow band, and sea levels stopped rising and falling so drastically.

Self-Organizing the Sun Corridor
February 19, 2010

Regionalism is too often thought to require government initiative.