Honor's Gasp
May 20, 2009

Valkyrie: The Story Of The Plot To Kill Hitler, By Its Last Member By Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager; With Florence and Jerome Fehrenbach Translated by Steven Rendall (Knopf, 211 pp., $24.95)   Try to imagine the following scenario. It is the winter of 1944 and the great German offensive in the Ardennes is threatening to push the Allied forces into the sea.

At the Window
April 15, 2009

Of three or four in a room there is always one who stands at the window. He must see the injustice among the thorns and the fires on the hill. So wrote Yehuda Amichai in 1958, and I have been feeling rather like the morbid observer who has wandered away from the warm company. The glass through which I gaze is far from the place that I lovingly and disquietedly see; I have to squint past the coercions of the media, and correct also for the distortions of solidarity. But in Israel now I see fires on the hill.

The Shah of Venezuela
April 01, 2009

The ideas that keep Hugo Chavez in power.

Army Suicides Still Rising
January 30, 2009

There's a troubling piece in today's NYT about the rising suicide rate among American soldiers. Thus far, at least 128 soldiers are known to have killed themselves in 2008--the highest number in nearly three decades--with more deaths still under investigation. For the first times since Vietnam, the Army's suicide rate rose above that of the civilian population.  Yes, war is hell. But as the Times notes, the military could be doing a better job in this area: Despite some progress, problems remain widespread, the advocates say.

The Things They Carried
January 16, 2009

I’m not supposed to be here. This vast training base near the Gaza border where thousands of reservists are preparing for battle is off-limits to the press. Still, everyone in Israel knows someone, and my travelling companion knows a senior army commander who’s willing to break the rules. “Just say you’re my friends,” says the commander, who picks us up in his car near the gate. The commander, whom I’ll call Shmulik, is eager to slip us in. He wants us to meet his men, to tell the world the truth about Israel’s soldiers. Tomorrow morning, he says, they’re crossing into Gaza.

Obama vs. Osama
December 24, 2008

Has the president picked the right war?

Getting To Know Louis Caldera
December 02, 2008

NAME: Louis Caldera NEW APPOINTMENT: Director of White House Military Office OTHER TOP POSITIONS: California state assembly member; managing director and chief operating officer for the Corporation for National and Community Service (1997-98); Secretary of the Army (1997-2001); president of the University of New Mexico KNOWN FOR: Navigating the Army's recruitment problems in the late 1990s, when many young people were turning to the private sector in an era of peace; started the ROTC Hispanic Access Initiative, which allowed the ROTC to target Hispanic-heavy high schools and colleges. Some c

The Changing Face Of Indian Terrorism
November 28, 2008

Samanth Subramanian is a staff writer for Mint in New Delhi. So much is still so unclear about the mechanics of the Mumbai terror attacks that, even these hours later, we're left only with the images off the television--of the Taj Mahal Hotel on fire, of the devastated waiting hall at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, of the army maneuvering around south Mumbai.

Tension Between Gates And The Obama Team?
November 20, 2008

Here's a look at some tensions that could arise if Robert Gates stays on as Secretary of Defense, beyond disappointment from the get-out-of-Iraq chorus. Since at least spring, Gates has been issuing a series of far-reaching policy documents which explicitly try to set the future direction of U.S. defense policy.

Private Opinions
November 05, 2008

Last Thursday, the Military Times released the results of a survey showing that members of the armed services planned to vote for John McCain over Barack Obama by a factor of nearly three to one--this at a time when the Democratic nominee was handily beating his Republican rival in almost all national polls. The survey apparently reaffirmed the long-held conventional wisdom that the U.S. military overwhelmingly backs the GOP. As Peter Feaver, a political science professor at Duke, told the paper: "The military has been perceived as a conservative Republican institution.