Art Spiegelman

Why Are There So Many Orphans in the Comics?
July 20, 2014

Roz Chast's take on child/parent relationships and aging

Art Spiegelman Is Comics' Most Pretentious Faux-Artist
November 19, 2013

"Pretentious is pretty much Art Spiegelman's M.O."

How The New Yorker Cover Became Twitter Gold
September 23, 2013

The first really talked-about New Yorker cover came nearly 70 years after the magazine’s founding.

Art Spiegelman’s Genre-Defying Holocaust Work, Revisited
October 05, 2011

“A quest for ersatz verisimilitude might have pulled me further away from essential actuality as I tried to reconstruct it,” muses the author of a seminal work of literature about the Holocaust. In a lengthy interview that has just been published, he reveals that his source material included thousands of hours of interviews; a shelf of books in Polish, Yiddish, and Ukrainian; detailed maps of the death camps; and even manuals of shoe repair.

The Holes In His Head
September 27, 2004

In the Shadow of No Towers By Art Spiegelman (Pantheon, 42 pp., $19.95) Click here to buy this book The destruction of the World Trade Center is the most exhaustively imaged disaster in human history. Never before had photography and calamity mated so fervently, breeding an excess of angles from which to view our vulnerability and fear. The odd synchronicity by which many of the planet's finest war photographers happened to be in Manhattan that day has been widely noted.