Art Spiegelman Is Comics' Most Pretentious Faux-Artist
November 19, 2013

"Pretentious is pretty much Art Spiegelman's M.O."

Georgia O'Keefe Outblazed Other Female Painters of Her Time
November 15, 2013

An early look at one of America's most beloved painters. 

$142 Million for a Francis Bacon Painting? Someone Overpaid!
November 13, 2013

According to Jed Perl's brutal 2009 assessment of Francis Bacon: Not very much. 

Eleven Photographs of a Miniature Apocalypse
November 03, 2013

The artist Lori Nix, who  considers herself a “faux landscape photographer,” spends months constructing tiny dioramas out of cardboard, glue, and point—only to destroy them.

This Classic Photo From the Red Sox' Victory Could Have Been Taken in 1918
October 31, 2013

A couple of hours after the Boston Red Sox, who finished last in their division in 2012, beat the St.

A New Exhibit Turns Post-War American Art Into a Boys' Club
October 30, 2013

With “See It Loud,” the National Academy has performed the rather extraordinary feat of turning a postwar movement in which women were every bit as prominent as men into a boy’s club with not a single girl in sight. 

'Then I Found Myself Seeing Pictures All the Time'
October 22, 2013

His pictures are both antidote and antecedent to our compulsive, social-media photography.

Delusions of Creativity
October 21, 2013

When Thomas P. Campbell was tapped to lead the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2009, he came across as a quieter, more self-effacing sort of museum director.

The Best Part About the Shutdown Ending: Our National Parks’ Instagram Feed Is Back
October 18, 2013

Over the course of the shutdown, the closure of the National World War II Memorial and its periodic, Bastille-style forcible reopening became a sort of emblem of the whole sordid affair.

The Red Sox Bullpen Cop Photo Mimics a 16th-Century Masterpiece
October 14, 2013

 Boston Red Sox rooters like my colleagues Jonathan Cohn and Ryan Kearney were probably too excited about their team’s come-from-behind victory last night to notice a striking similarity between the photo of the game-tying grand slam and a famous Fle