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Is Murdoch Trashing the WSJ's Washington Coverage?
January 15, 2010

One obvious question when Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd announced his retirement last week was what impact it would have on the effort to reform Wall Street. Dodd is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, and the bill he wrote last year is the most ambitious regulatory initiative pending in Congress.

UPDATED: A Deal on the Cadillac Tax
January 14, 2010

As first reported by the Associated Press, the White House and labor leaders have reached agreement on the so-called Cadillac tax.

House Not Inclined to Roll Over, Play Dead
January 13, 2010

My Washington decoder ring isn't the most finely tuned. But I think it's good enough to translate the message House leadership was trying to send yesterday: Don't take us for granted. The message came most loudly, and most clearly, from Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel.

Seven Egyptian Christians Murdered Outside a Church After Midnight Mass for Coptic Christmas. Who Done It? Maybe a Few Isolated Extremists.
January 07, 2010

Actually, I don't think we are going to hear the phrase "isolated extremist" again, at least not from the president. In fact, the more we hear from him from now on, the more entangled and united the terrorist international is likely to appear. The shock of Detroit has probably been most traumatic for Obama himself. He really did believe that the world of Islam was a civilized order, and he simply can't believe it now. Or can he? But the Copts won't get much attention. After all, they are Christians.

Invest in Tuna
January 05, 2010

Investors are looking for vehicles to put their money. OK, I've got at least one. Yes, invest in tuna. Are there tuna futures like there are pork belly futures? I don't know. Here's the New York Times headline over an Associated Press story: "Giant Tuna Fetches $177,000 at Japanese Auction." This means that the price of sushi is going up, up, up. The fish weighed 513 pounds (233 kilograms).

Real News On The Christmas Terrorist: He Was Already On A Watch List
December 26, 2009

I dimly remembered that Mohammed Atta and at least three of his brothers (a big word in Islam) had been known to security agencies at least a year before 9/11 as "likely members of a cell of Al Qaeda operating in the United States." This quote is from an August 9, 2005 article written by ace- investigator-of-intricate-matters Douglas Jehl for the New York Times.

A Really Merry Christmas From Fannie And Freddie To Their C.E.O.s
December 24, 2009

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the couple which together has needed $111 billion to stay afloat and are very far from doing so, did their filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday afternoon, just before Christmas eve. I suppose this was to make sure the news contained in them would get the maximum possible attention. This was reported by the Associated Press. But see if it gets printed in your morning newspaper. The two gargantuan mortgage lenders are not yet done with government subventions.

The Account of How We Nearly Caught Osama bin Laden in 2001
December 22, 2009

We nearly captured Osama bin Laden just three months after the September 11 attacks.

The Arab Soccer Wars: Khartoum, Cairo, Algiers ... As Well As Paris, Lyons, and Marseilles
November 23, 2009

These did not reach the intensity of the 100 hours war in 1969 between Honduras and El Salvador which was also over fought over World Cup soccer matches. After all, in that war, according to John Signoriello, 900 El Salvadoran troops and civilians met their maker and 100 Honduran combat troops plus 2,000 (!) just ordinaries met theirs. TNR's editor, Frank Foer, narrates many other such violent episodes in his book, How Soccer Explains the World, which is itself amazing. But the Arab soccer wars are nothing to laugh about.

Is Palin a Threat or a Joke?
November 19, 2009

Megan McArdle has a post today in which she takes the media to task for what she deems "Palinoia." She writes: Y'all well know that I really don't like Sarah Palin.  In fact, more than one of you has yelled at me about this.  And I find the whole schtick about how the media is just a bunch of elitist hooligans who are out to get her really grating.