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"I Do Not Say That All Muslims Are Terrorists, But I Have Noticed That An Alarmingly High Proportion Of Terrorists Are Muslim"
November 17, 2009

These are Christopher Hitchens' words (in Slate), and so you are not surprised to find them sharp, even cutting. Doubtless, some of you are provoked. But please don't repair to the self-righteous. Self-righteousness is an awkward response to the truth. Given the "seven salient facts" about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan easily assembled by Hitchens I doubt that even President Obama would want us to withhold judgement on the killer. He, too, as clearly made his own. Even unto grasping the justice awaiting the culprit in the hereafter.

The Case Against Awards
October 16, 2009

Last month, rapper Kanye West interrupted an MTV Video Awards ceremony to protest the selection of Taylor Swift for “Best Female Video.” So widely did the fallout from this episode spread that President Obama soon weighed in against West (“He’s a jackass”). Obama himself would soon become the subject of a similar award-related imbroglio, when he was bizarrely chosen as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Slideshow: The State of Gay Marriage
October 07, 2009

This week, the District of Columbia's city council introduced a bill that would authorize same-sex marriages within its boundaries. According to the Associated Press, the measure "appears unstoppable"—garnering support from most council members, the mayor, and a lack of opposition from the Democratic Congress. Depending how you count, that would make D.C. anywhere from the fifth to the eighth U.S. jurisdiction to legalize gay marriage. Click through this TNR slideshow for a rundown on the places where same-sex marriage is legal, potentially legal, and no longer legal.

Hillary: Secretary For Women's Affairs
October 01, 2009

Hillary Clinton has become the president's secretary for women's affairs, and she's done a good job at it--within the severe limits of what realistically can be done to protect females from sexual violence in war zones.  On Wednesday, the U.N. Security Council met, with Hillary in the chair, and as the Associated Press put it, "adopted a resolution ...

This Is Not Mercy. It Is Pandering.
August 20, 2009

The Associated Press reported yesterday that thousands of youths welcomed the return to Libya of the only man convicted for participation in the 1988 bombing of Pan American Flight 103. 270 people, mostly Americans, perished in the jetliner explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland. According to Ha'aretz, Hillary Clinton correctly criticized both the British government and Scottish authorities for the release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, who was met at the Tripoli airport by, aside from the young celebrants, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, nutcase Moammar's son and likely successor. A civilized man, say the exp

"My Husband Is Not Secretary Of State, I Am" And A Good Thing, She Is
August 11, 2009

During her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton's husband Bill promised the electorate that it would get "two for the price of one" if she was elected. She didn't demur, at least not in public. But she also wasn't elected.

Wartime Lies
December 26, 2008

Update: On Saturday, December 27, Berkley Books announced that it is canceling publication of Angel at the Fence. Click here to read more about it. On February 2, 2007, Herman Rosenblat’s older brother Sam died. When he was on his deathbed, Herman went to visit him in the hospital in Florida. “When Herman tried to talk to Sammy, he looked away,” Sam’s widow Jutta Rosenblat told me on the phone on the afternoon of December 25.

Indefinite Detention Center
November 13, 2008

The Associated Press reported Monday that advisors to President-Elect Barack Obama “are quietly crafting a proposal to ship dozens, if not hundreds, of imprisoned terrorism suspects to the United States to face criminal trials.” This likely signals a major policy shift in the detention and trial of “enemy combatants” at Guantanamo Bay. But the AP’s conclusion that the proposal “would make good on [Obama’s] promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison” is premature.

Cnn, Ap: Biden
August 23, 2008

CNN and Associated Press also reporting it's Biden.  --Jonathan Cohn 

The Boxer Shorts Rebellion
March 26, 2008

When the man who calls himself ”Chinabounder” moved to Shanghai to teach English and, apparently, have a little naughty fun on the side, he probably didn't know what he was getting himself into. His type is so common in Asia that it's almost a cliche: Bars from Hanoi to Seoul are filled with Western men gallivanting with local women. But this one made the mistake of blogging about his supposed exploits—”She jumped and quivered, sighed and open- mouthed pressed against me,” he bragged at—and mixing in criticism of China's occupation of the Xinjiang autonomous region.